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My Favourite Curry Recipe

Glico Japanese Curry

If you know me, you'll know that I frickin' love curry. Indian, Japanese, Thai... Curry is just an all around winner in my book! I often post videos when I make curry over on my snapchat (add me - lovelyghost). Accompanied with rice, it's a hearty and filling meal that's great for chilly days and works well for leftovers for the next few days. Compared to other curries I've tasted, this one is a bit more savory and not as spicy.

I've used a few different types of curry paste blocks, but I found that the ones from Glico are my favourite. I buy the 'hot' flavour which isn't spicy, and this is coming from someone who can't do spice at all! I often add pepper to the recipe. It also works great without meat - I often make vegetarian curry.

Keep in mind that the smell is pretty strong... your clothes will probably end up smelling like curry so make sure to pop open a window and turn on your fan!

This recipe makes about 4 servings, and takes about 40 minutes to prep/cook.


What's In My Makeup Bag; March

Light & Fresh

March was not a particularly adventurous makeup month. The month came in like a lion, and it looks like it'll be going out like one as well! The weather was crazy, along with my skin. March was all about soft neutral colours and a light base, along with a focus on skincare. Here are some items that really stood out to me!


March 2016 - Glossybox Review

Glossybox - March 2016 

The March Glossybox had a pretty good selection - I loved 3/5 products that were included! Great brands too - Too Faced, Luxie Brushes, and Eyeko! I love it when boxes include a nice variety of items and sizes, ranging from full size to travel size!


MAC - Archie's Girls Blush in Cream Soda (2013 LE)

Betty, Betty, Betty...

In 2013, I remember passing by the MAC store in my local mall. At this point I was just getting into makeup, and the MAC store seemed much too intimidating for me. At least in Sephora, I could walk around and swatch till my heart's content without much fear of a makeup artist asking me if I needed help. The outside of the store was decorated with images promoting their Archie's Girls collection launch!

I remember seeing the displays and wanting to go inside, but at this point I was still learning makeup basics and $30+ for a blush seemed insane.... (Little did past me know that I'd happily drop that and probably more... Whoops!) I love Archie comics. I've been collecting issues ever since I was a preteen - I used to raid garage sales over the summer in search of Archies, Jugheads, and Betty & Veronicas... my hunts were usually quite successful! As a result, I have a box of comics stored away in storage somewhere.


Beachy & Bright Makeup ft. Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea

Rainforest Of The Sea

This is the first time I've ever done a feature for a certain makeup look that I've done. I really liked how my makeup turned out for my most recent video (an unboxing of Loot Crate Anime Box), and somehow remembered to take actual detail photos after filming the video!

My favourite style of makeup is neutral shimmery tones on the eyes, winged liner, long lashes, and coral cheeks / lips.

I've been loving Tarte Products recently, especially their new Rainforest Of The Sea Collection! It's just so beautiful. Tarte has quickly risen to the top of my list of favourite makeup brands.


Circle Lens Review: Puffy 3 Tone Violet & Super Pinky Blue

Puffy 3-Tone Circle Lenses

It goes without saying that I'm a fan of circle lenses - I feel like they're a significant part of the ~Sachie~ look. I placed an order with Honeycolor during the New Year as a few of my lenses were due to be tossed. There was also a buy-one-get-one promotion, so I got a pair of Super Pinky Blue lenses for free. 

I've owned almost every colour in the line. Today I'll be reviewing the Puffy 3-Tone Violet lenses, but you can read my review of the green ones here!


Caolion Pore Packs for Perfect Skin - Demos + Review

Caolion Face Packs

Korean brands are absolutely killing the skincare game! It's safe to say that my favourite skincare products are all from Korean skin care brands (*cough* Laneige, The Face Shop *cough*) You guys know how much I love my fact masks. I have three Caolion packs to share with you today. Each is housed within a plastic jar, and comes with a small plastic spatula.


An Evening in Downtown | Sansotei Ramen, A-Game Cafe, & Cafe Crepe

Let's Go Downtown!

Hello friends! Hope you've all had a great weekend - mine was quite eventful! Today, I'll be posting another one of my Toronto Hot Spot series. Hopefully these posts will introduce you to new places to stop by for lunch or dinner, or if you're looking for something fun to do downtown Toronto! You can read the rest of the posts here.

Saturday's events are all within walking distance, and could make for a fun night out downtown.


Cruelty-Free and Vegan Skincare : Sibu Seaberry Therapy

Sibu Sea Berry Therapy

Recently, across my social media channels, I have seen a flood of reviews and recommendations for cruelty free makeup and skincare brands. I definitely support vegan and cruelty free beauty and skincare products - so many products out there contain animal byproducts or have been tested on animals, and it is often swept under the carpet that many people don't even realize this! Even if a brand says they don't test on animals, they may be owned by parent company who does.


Laneige Spring 2016 Launches at Sephora

New Laneige Launches

You guys already know about my obsession with Laneige - I've previously raved about them in my reviews for the Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask and their Advanced Hydration Kit. I'm so happy that Sephora is carrying more Asian skincare lines - it means lower pricing and easier access! Now I don't have to wait a month for Korean cosmetics to arrive!

Laneige recently sent me some goodies that will be launching this month at Sephora. Let's take a look, shall we?


Tarte - Rainforest Of The Sea Eye Shadow Palette Review + Swatches

Tarte - The Ultimate Beachy Summer Eye Shadow Palette

Tarte is one of my absolute favourite beauty brands - a perfect mix of cute packaging and quality long lasting products. I've raved about the Rainforest After Dark palette and Airbrush Powder foundations in the past - you can read my reviews here and here! I only recently discovered the Rainforest Of The Sea collection - Desi Perkin's snapchats and vlogs started it all when Tarte took a group of ambassadors of youtubers to Hawaii! (So lucky!)

Also, can you tell I love those little paper sqwiggly things for background textures? ;)


What's In My Makeup Bag; February

All About That Base 

The winter seasons always shake up my makeup routine - I have to compensate for the fact that my skin will be super dry and no amount of green concealer will fix my drippy red nose. I opted to skip out on foundation most days unless going out and interacting with the real world - I didn't really feel like including it since I've only been using one foundation since November (Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 2), so if my posts are sans foundation, it's likely going to be that.

Here are some items that have been living in my makeup bag during the month of February. The makeup bag is from The Face Shop, which was for a sample bag I think!


March: A Mixtape

Leopards laze each 
On plush pillows 
Slender capes
Of red and chrome 

Paperback dreams 
In their deep doze 
Twitch their toes to 
Black mambo

March welcomed us with a cold winds and a huge pile of snow. I've been dreaming of stream and it's a bit of an annoyance that it's been put off for another few weeks.

This playlist starts off slow and slinky, but builds up into a kickin' beat...... Hopefully the weather decides to do the same.

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