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The Estee Edit - Eye Shadow Palette, Pore Vanishing Stick, Powder, and Lipstick!

The Estee Edit

I have another installment of Estee Edit products to show you! Another package landed in my PO box featuring the Kendall Jenner Edit Eyeshadow Palette, Flash Photo Powder, Pore Vanishing Stick, and my new lip love, the BARest Lip Color!


My Travel Carry-On Essentials / Fjallraven Kanken

I've got a case of wanderlust.

It seems like almost all of my favourite bloggers and vloggers seem to be on vacation! I've been hardcore dreaming about my next trip. I can only really afford to go on one trip a year at the moment - Los Angeles in July for Anime Expo, but that's more of a networking trip if anything. Matt and I have been talking about doing a few little trips within the province and possibly in the States, which has gotten me all excited for traveling again. Today, I'd love to share some of my carry-on essentials when I go on long trips, whether it be by train, plane, or bus!


February 2016 - Glossybox Review

My First Glossybox

For those of you that are not well versed in the world of beauty subscription boxes, you're missing out! The premise of Glossyboxes are simple - it's a box subscription service whereby you pay $21/month (free shipping within the US), and receive a selection of five beauty products from various brands. It's a great budget method of testing different products without committing to paying full price for products. The February Glossybox appeared in my mailbox - let's take a look inside.......


3 Favourite Cooking Blogs

image credit - desert for two

I have discovered most of my favourite cooking blogs between 2 - 3 in the morning. Why, you ask? My sleep schedule is permanently messed up and I spend the early hours of the morning perusing blogs (so don't be surprised if you see a comment or email response from me so early!) I always happen to stumble across recipe and food blogs, prompting a panicky and utterly naughty two hours past midnight snack.

I typically save some of the most drool-inducing posts for later creation. Here are some of my current favourite recipe blogs! I can attest to the 10/10 score on the deliciousocity meter (totally legit), and that these talented ladies can cook up some lovely dishes! 


The Estee Edit - Beam Team, White Mud Mask, & Flash Lip Gloss Review + Swatches

The Estee Edit

Today I'll be showing you some of The Estee Edit's new face and lip products! I previously reviewed the Metalishadow Creme + Powder in Scarlet Eclipse, and the EDGiest Kohl Shadowstick in last week's post, which you can read about here!

Surprisingly enough, I have never really tried out Estee Lauder products. It's one of my mother's favourite brands, and our upstairs bathroom is dotted with Estee Products! The packaging always seemed so luxe, and the price point was quite high for my student budget. However, The Estee Edit (#beautyattitudes) is a new beauty line from Estee Lauder - the whole essence of the brand focuses on being fun, trendy, and fresh! I'm loving it so far. I haven't seen many other reviews or swatches on the internet yet, so I'm very excited to give you an early look into this line. It will be released exclusively at Sephora in March. 


The Estee Edit - Eye Shadow Reviews + Swatches

The Estee Edit

I was beyond excited when this lovely package from The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder showed up on my doorstep!

The Estee Edit (#beautyattitudes) is a new beauty line from Estee Lauder - the whole essence of the brand focuses on being fun, trendy, and fresh! I'm loving it so far. I haven't seen many other reviews or swatches on the internet yet, so I'm very excited to give you an early look into this line. It will be released exclusively at Sephora in March. I remember seeing a big poster at Sephora a few months ago featuring Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim but I didn't really know what it was about.


Budget Find: Affordable, High Quality Makeup Brushes!

Hello lovelies!

Are you on team brush, team sponge, or team fingers? I've switched up my makeup application tools numerous times throughout the years, and have always fallen back on my trusty brushes. (There's something about dabbing my face a million times with a sponge that just seems so... boring?)

A while ago, I stumbled across a blog post featuring budget ebay buys. (I can't remember where the actual post is, but if I happen to locate it, I'll update this post!) It featured an 8-piece brush set. I've owned the same set for quite a while, mainly Real Techniques, and was out on the market for a few more brushes!


Cosplay Tutorial: Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Hello everyone!
This post was originally posted on my Patreon account! I post a lot of cosplay progress on there (much of which is exclusive to Patrons.) 

I recently finished up a cosplay that I have been putting off for about a year... Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo! A quick spur of the moment costume inspired by all the cosplay progress my friends have been posting on social media. (Katsucon is coming up next week and I won't be attending, but that doesn't mean I can't join in on the cosplay fun!)
Kashima is a very fun, goofy character. She's very tall and tomboyish, and charms all of the female students. There'a fun little youtube video showing some clips of her here! Overall Gekkan Shoujo is a fantastic series :)
I'll be breaking down the elements of the costume for you. It's a simple and comfortable cosplay to wear. I've never done a tomboyish character before as I absolutely love cosplaying girly characters with long hair! 


2016 Lunar New Year Manicure

New Year, new nails, amirite? 

More like new week new nails, because I'm far too indecisive about my nail designs to keep them for more than 5 days. Point aside, I wanted to share a simple red and gold manicure that I wore during the Lunar New Year celebrations!


LUSH Florals: So White and Tisty Tosty Bath Bombs

Hello lovelies! I was clearing through some unedited blog photos and found a huge backlog of Lush reviews that I had planned on reviewing! As you already know, I'm a huge bath addict. Baths are just so relaxing! I'll be sharing two floral bath bombs from LUSH today.....

LUSH So White Bath Bomb

My obsession with colourful and glittery bath bombs is on the decline. Recently, I have found myself being drawn to bath bombs that smell nice and leave the water a cloudy, pastel colour - nothing too bright or streaky. During the Christmas gift-hunting season, I popped into Lush to grab some things for mle! So White was on display and I had never seen it before - it smelled like apples and roses and the sales lady said it did not contain glitter.


5 Beautiful Lipsticks for Valentine's Day ft. Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, and more!

I don't think I've ever been so excited for Valentine's Day! I finally have someone to leave kiss marks on this year (heh heh heh). A lipstick post is in order, of course, to show off some of my current favourite lip products.

I have seen countless Valentine's day makeup tutorials and blog posts featuring a bright red or pink lip. I've never been a fan - I feel like bright, bold colours emphasize my small, round lips. This doesn't mean that I dislike my lip shape, but I would rather focus the attention on my eyes.

Here are five shades that I've been loving at the moment! I've been swapping these in and out for the past little while and I can't get enough.


Review: Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask

Hello lovelies! I would love to share another one of my favourite products from Laneige. This korean brand has definitely swooped in over these past few weeks and completely taken over my current skincare regime!


New Skincare Loves - Laneige Advanced Hydration Kit & Review!

Korean cosmetics. Korean skincare. Gimme gimme gimme!

I've been using Korean skincare products for years now. I used Skin79's BB creams religiously during my early days of makeup discovery. I later discovered brands such as Lioele, Etude House, and Missha, and subsequently fell in love with the world of Korean cosmetics.  I hardly ventured into Korean skincare products as I had already found a few holy grail products and hesitated at switching up my skincare regime. I had a brief fling with Luview cleansers, and some nice samples from the Missha Super Aqua line.

That all changed after Sephora introduced Laneige into their collection of brands! I first noticed Laneige whilst browsing Korean cosmetic websites, but the price point was much higher than what I would typically spend. It wasn't until I received a sample of the Laneige Sleeping Pact in a Sephora order that I decided to test out some of the products. My skin had gotten horribly dry and flaky and I was desperately searching for a solution.

Today, I'll be reviewing the trial hydration kit and the good night kit from Laneige that are currently offered at Sephora. (Spoiler: I loved everything)


February: A Mixtape

Hot love, hot love

Wake up in the morning feeling alone and just with him
You wanna feel the way he's starting up

There's nothing better, there's nothing better
There's nothing better than your love

I couldn't do a February mixtape without making love the focus... that would be cruel. This collection of songs builds starts feeling fairly laid back, and builds in energy.

I'll be spending this Valentines Day with my valentine. It's such a nice feeling, finally being able to cross off a Valentines Day date off my bucket list.

Here's to many more to come!

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