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LUSH Milky Bath & Rose Jam Bubbleroon

It's the battle of the bubble baths!

Well, not really. I absolutely love both of these products and it would be impossible for me to choose a favourite, so it's more like a joint review. I even collected all of my bath product posts under one handy tab, so click here to see what I've been loving!


Festive Gingerbread Man Recipe with Icing!

I don't know what it was about this Christmas season, but I've had the urge to bake cookies.
My mother and I stopped off at Richtree for tree. I haven't had gingerbread cookies in ages, and the glass jar with iced gingerbread men immediately caught my attention. I suddenly had the urge to make my own cookies. I found this one on allrecipes (one of my favourite resources for recipes!) It is flavoured with orange rind which tastes lovely, and takes the edge off the spices.

I modified this recipe a bit because I like a bit of a spicier cookie and didn't have dark corn syrup... you can find the original recipe here.

The original recipe says it makes 60 servings - I used a medium size cookie cutter and it made about 30 medium cookies.


My Top 5 Foundations - 2015

Hello lovelies!

Finding the perfect foundation has always been a struggle for me. I tan quite easily, so my foundation shades keep changing. Over the past year alone, my skin type has changed from acne-prone, to oily, to combination, and now normal... So, I'm always on the look out for something that will work! I've included BB creams in my favourites.


The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Bath

Hello lovelies!

I don't know about you, but it's getting quite chilly here in Toronto. (Canada? Cold? You've gotta be kiddin' me!) I know right - who would've thought! The drop in temperatures gives me that extra excuse to cozy up in the evenings and bundle myself up. The stress of Christmas shopping, cold air, and hectic social schedules can really catch up on a girl! All the better to take a bath...right?


The Coziest Blush Sweater

The Coziest Blush Sweater

Hello lovelies! Finding the perfect knit sweater was the bane of my existence during the initial autumn months. A wander through Brandy Melville led me to a gorgeous and ultra-soft blush coloured sweater, only to be met with disappointment when the fit was completely wrong. I love Brandy Melville, but most of their clothes either don't fit or fit weirdly, all thanks to their one-fit sizing. This sweater was long enough for me, the arms were the right length, the body fit well... but the sleeves were too tight and the shoulders felt really weird.

I debated buying the sweater anyway because it was such a perfect colour, but later convinced myself that I wouldn't wear it if it didn't feel cosy and comfortable. A week later whilst walking through Forever 21, I found the one.


Gifts Under $25 | Christmas Gift Guides

Hello lovelies! This post marks the final day of Blogmas, and what better way to wrap up the series than with some budget gifts. The holidays can be a stressful time with finances and spending, especially if you have a lot of people on your gifting list. Here are some handy budget gift ideas that cost less than $25, and work well as stocking stuffers, office gifts, or presents for Secret Santa!

  1. Lush The Night Before Christmas Wrapped Gift Set - Give the gift of an amazing, relaxing bath! This also comes pre-wrapped in a beautiful box.
  2. Pinch Provisions Minimergincy Kit - Everything a gal could need in a pinch! With 17 beauty and personal care essentials all packed into a stylish, travel sized pouch, simply throw it in your tote and arrive at the office or your next soirée worry-free and ready for anything!
  3. Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure And Coloring Book - A colouring book... for adults! This intricate and incredibly detailed colouring book is great for destressing, taking a break, or finding creative inspiration.
  4. Zodiac Mug - Gorgeous mugs with minimalistic designs - these come in all the different astrological signs.
  5. Crap To Do Notepad - A quirky spin on the classic To Do List, our Crap to Do Pad includes space to jot down the crap you need to do, the crap you need to buy and all the other crap you need to remember.
  6. Monkey Tea Infuser - The monkey tea infuser has adjustable arms that fit any size mug. It comes with an infuser tray that acts like a saucer when removed!
  7. Essie Nailpolish in Ladylike - Nail polishes are great little stocking stuffers - this neutral mauve has been one of my favourite colours recently!
  8. Silicone Mould Ice Shot Glasses - A great way to serve shooters at any gathering, this quick-release silicone mould makes four 1.5-oz ice shot glasses.
  9. Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm - Keep those chappy lips protected during the winter months with a rose and mint flavoured lip balm.
  10. Terry's Chocolate Orange - A total Christmas classic - I don't think I've ever had a Christmas without them! You can't go wrong with orange chocolate, especially the kind that you get to smack against a wall. This links to a super overpriced amazon listing but you can probably find them in any major department store for way way less.

Check out the rest of my Christmas gift guides here! Best of luck with your Christmas shopping! I've been on the ball so far and have most of it done, just a few more pieces here and there to pick up :)



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Father Christmas | Christmas Gift Guides

Hello lovelies!

I  think of all the people in my family, my dad is the hardest to shop for. He doesn't give any hints or clues to things that he might like for Christmas - he doesn't have many electronic devices, he's quite old fashioned, and he doesn't believe in extravagant Christmas gifts. I've developed a bit of a formula when shopping for him, and that's to find items that are practical and useful. Nothing too flashy or crazy, but things that are foolproof!

Here are some of my gift ideas for reliable and safe gift ideas if you dad is anything like mine!

  1. Black or Brown Side Snap Leather Gloves - Leather gloves are always a great gift during the winter time - they'll keep your hands toasty warm and stop the cold air from blowing through!
  2. Everything You Want iPhone 6/6+ Cases - One thing I've noticed is that guys never seem to carry much with them when going out! This handy phone case acts like a mini wallet and can store cards, cash, and anything else he'd normally carry.
  3. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau de Toilette - A classic eau de toilette makes a fantastic gift - this one by Ralph Lauren is clean and inviting. It is described as a fresh blend of aquatic accords combined with spicy basil, verbena, and clary sage, softened with soothing notes of washed suede, velvety moss, and sheer musk.
  4. Extra Fine Merino Crew Neck Sweater - Merino wool is super soft and extra warm! This dark blue sweater is a lovely colour and will pair well with other clothing items.
  5. Great Minds - Darwin's Egg of Evolution - All dads love a bit of a challenge, don't they? This fun little puzzle makes a great desk decoration, as well as working out his brain!
  6. The Martian by Andy Weir - The Martian movie was a hit in theaters, and for good reason! The original book follows astronaut Mark Watney as he is abandoned after a Mars mission, presumed dead after a fierce storm. A must read!
  7. 7 Piece King of the Grill BBQ Set - For the dad that loves the grill. Not so much a wintery gift, but he'll sure appreciate it when grilling season comes around! 
  8. 6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool - A small and handy tool that would make a great stocking stuffer! There are six small tools in this keychain-like device, including a tire pressure gauge, tread depth gauge, LED flashlight, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, and key ring with quick release.
  9. Hudson's Bay Company Multi Stripe Wool Scarf - The worst thing in the wintertime is feeling the cold hair blow past your neck! This scarf is 100% wool and comes in a variety of colours!
Tune in tomorrow for the final day of giftmas week... budget buys and stocking stuffers!



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Presents for Mom | Christmas Gift Guide

On the fifth day of giftmas... it was all about finding the perfect gift for mom!

Hello lovelies! Although mum insists that she doesn't want anything, and that she only wants us to be happy and healthy etc etc... we know she does actually want a nice present - or two! My mom wants a pair of leather pants (for winter, she says, but I'm pretty sure she just wants to relive the 80s!) Here are a selection of ~motherly~ gifts. Keep your mom's taste in mind, but I don't think anyone can go wrong with comfortable PJs and some fine leather goods. 

For Mom...

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to shop for your mom, especially as everyone has different tastes. You can't really go wrong with comfortable PJs, scarves, and knitwear! It's lovely to cosy up and pamper one's self during those cold winter nights...

  1. Joe Fresh Print Fleece Sleep Set - You can't go wrong with a cosy pair of PJs, especially during these cold winter nights!
  2. Fossil Cecile Rose Gold Watch - A classic and sophistic watch in a gorgeous rose-gold shade.
  3. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Home Candle - If your mother is into scents, this luxurious candle will definitely warm up your home.
  4. Magical Thinking Etched Medallion Box - This beautiful brass and glass box is the perfect bedside home for storing rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.
  5. Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream - This gel-cream is a perfect choice for moisturizing the skin as the days get colder and the air gets drier!
  6. Embossing Rolling Pin - This rolling pin is great for the mother who loves to bake - it embosses beautiful designs into dough!
  7. Custom Photo Book - Christmas is the perfect opportunity to tug on her heartstrings with a customized photo book! Shutterfly offers easy photo arrangement and ability to add captions.
  8. Fossil Sydney Zip Clutch Wallet - A classy black leather wallet is a foolproof gift. Fossil wallets are beautifully made and top quality.

Come back tomorrow for day six of my Christmas gift guides, where it's all about gifting to Dad!



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Gifts For The Guys | Christmas Gift Guide

On the fourth day of giftmas... it was all about the boys.

Hello lovelies! Admittedly, I've struggled to come up with gift ideas for the opposite sex. I'm not the only one - each year, my girlfriends and I will message each other on facebook with the inevitable "OMG WHAT DO I GET HIM FOR CHRISTMAS?" brainstorm session. I kind of based this on what I would get my boyfriend for Christmas...(If he's reading this then... your present isn't on this list so stop snooping!) Here are a selection of items which I feel would work well for boyfriends, brothers, or good male friends.

Gifts for boyfriends, brothers, or male friends.

  1. Spotify Premium - Spotify is a fantastic music streaming service - I've discovered tons of new artists and songs through it! Spotify Premium offers ad-free music streaming, even on mobile devices!
  2. Versace Eros Eau De Toilette - I LOVE THIS COLOGNE!! There's something about this scent which drives me crazy haha - it's a lovely scent that I think is perfect for all men. Give it a sniff next time you're in a perfume section!
  3. Roots Tweed Edward Crewneck  - Cozy sweaters are always a winner - this one is 80% wool and guaranteed to keep him warm on cold winter days.
  4. House of Marley Get Together Bluetooth Portable Speaker - A bluetooth enabled portable speaker is great way to play music from a smartphone or mobile device! Great quality audio really makes a difference.
  5. Fossil Chronograph Dean Watch - I think every guy should own a classy watch. They really help tidy up a look, even if he's more inclined to check his phone for the time.
  6. Hudson North Ribbed Mélange Knit Tuque
  7. Hammered Mule Mug Copper - A classy brass mug for cold beverages.
  8. Whisky Stones - Even if he doesn't drink alcohol, this set is fantastic for keeping drinks cool! Ice cubes dilute the drink when they melt, but these whisky cubes will keep your drink cold for long periods of time.
  9. Exploding Kittens - A super fun card game created by The Oatmeal. Described as a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. Players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they explode, they are dead, and they are out of the game. There's even a NSFW version if he's got a darker sense of humor!
If you have any other suggestions for gifts for the boys, do leave a comment down below! I'm sure everyone is looking for ideas. Come back tomorrow for day five of my Christmas gift guides... all about buying presents for mother dearest!



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The Geek & The Cosplayer | Christmas Gift Guide

On the third day of giftmas...it's all about the geeks, nerds, cosplayers, and otakus!

Hello lovelies! Christmas season is upon us... and that means finding gifts for friends and family! Chances are that if you're following me, you've found me through my anime, cosplay, or geek related content! (If you haven't, you can find out more about my geeky related content on my facebook or youtube channel!)

Now, I love looking for geeky themed gifts, since most of my friends are geeks! There are so many cool geeky gift ideas out there, especially as geek culture becomes more popular! Here are some ideas for pop culture fanatics, anime fans, and fantasy enthusiasts. I've put together a little selection of gifts for the geeks, otaku, and cosplayers in your life!

For the Geek...

  1. Crunchyroll Premium Membership - for that friend that watches too much anime...
  2. Tetris Lamp - a quirky way to brighten up any space! The pieces are rearrangable.
  3. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker - Relive your nostalgia for Star Wars in the tastiest way possible!
  4. Cheero Ingress Portable Charger 12000 mAH portable charger that flashes with ingress patterns. Cheero has other cute chargers as well!
  5. Mini Bulbasaur Planters - Add a bit of charm to any room with these 3D bulbasaur planters - the plants bloom on their backs!
  6. Gen 1 Pokemon Gym Badges Pin Set - Your friend can now be the very best, like no one ever was! Without the hassle of beating gym leaders! 
  7. Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray Miyazaki's films are heartwarming classics that almost every geek is familar with! Spirited Away is a favourite.
  8. Sailor Moon Luna / Artemis Purse - magical girls gotta have style!
  9. Japan Crate Premium Snack Box - A large selection of interesting, colourful, and fun Japanese candies snacks!
  10. Cup Noodle Mug - Flashbacks to the college days... or days of watching college anime...
  11. Sailor Moon Selfie Stick - If you're going to use a selfie stick, it might as well be cute, right?

For the Cosplayer...

Just because this is a geeky cosplay guide, I figured most people would be familiar with cosplay, have a friend whose a cosplayer, or is thinking about cosplay! Here are some ideas  that every cosplayer will enjoy, as weird as this gift guide may seem haha! (Trust me, they'll love you for it.)
  1. Crafter's Gift Pack - Hot Glue Gun Pack - I can't even begin to tell you how many glue sticks cosplayers go through! Help a friend out!
  2. Worbla's Finest Art - Many cosplayers, including myself, love using this theroplastic material for armors and props!
  3. Pinky Paradise Circle Lens Gift Certificate - Want the big-eyed anime look, but in real life? Circle lenses are a must!
  4. Paint Airbrush Kit - If your cosplayer takes great pride in their painting, airbrushing can definitely help achieve a beautiful effect!
  5. Dremel Rotary Tool Kit - Includes various heads and attachments. Dremels are great for carving details into foam!
  6. McCalls Cosplay Patterns - McCall's has patterns specifically for cosplay! Great for new and experienced cosplayers alike.
  7. Kamui Cosplay Tutorial Books - Master cosplayer Kamui has written awesome guides on making cosplay pieces! Fantastic resources.
  8. Prosthetic Latex Elf Ears - If you're gifting to a LARP fan, elf ears are essential! You might also want to get Spirit Gum adhesive as well which will help with application.

I hope this guide helped out! If you have any ideas for things that would make great geeky related gifts, leave them in the comment box below. Check out the rest of my gift guides here. Happy shopping!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for day four of my gift guides - presents for men and boys in your life! :)



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Gifts For The Girls | Christmas Gift Guide

On the second day of giftmas... it's all about the ladies in your life!

Hello lovelies! The other day, a friend asked me if I could give some suggestions as to what he should get his girlfriend for Christmas. So, I decided to throw together this feminine inspired gift guide for the ladies in your life, whether that be your girlfriend, wife, sister, or friend. I have also included some gift ideas for mothers, aunts, cousins, or anyone with more classic and elegant tastes.

Now, please remember to take these guides with a pinch of salt - not everyone's girlfriend, sister, or friend will have the same taste in gifts! This is a great time to lurk their pinterest or tumblr account and the things they're reposting. They've reposted it for a reason!  You know them best! But if you're absolutely stumped, here are some things that I'd consider as great gifts that I think are safe options...

The Girlfriend, Sister, or Lady in Your Life...

  1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette - Gorgeous set of eyeshadow colours, with mattes, shimmers, and everything to make her eyes look all sparky and pretty.
  2. QPAD QH-90 Headphones - Hands down my favourite headphone. Super comfortable, top audio quality, and a beautiful white colour. Great if she's a gamer or spends a lot of time at the computer.
  3. Cheero Power Plus 13400 mAH Portable Charger - This cute charger will keep her smart devices alive after a day out. Holds about 5 full phone charges!
  4. Capri Blue Textured Copper Candle - A beautiful hand poured soy candle with a gorgeous copper tin!
  5. Black & White Femme Plaid Scarf - A cozy blanket scarf to keep her warm during the winter.
  6. Sephora Cat Nap Sleep Mask - An adorable eye cover for the woman who needs her beauty sleep.
  7. Marble Phone Case - Marble textures are a huge trend this year - simplistic and elegant. I linked to an iPhone case listing, but you can generally find them for all phone types.
  8. Crosley X UO Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player - A great gift for any music fan, this vinyl player comes in a cute rose print! 
  9. Rabbit Forestry Hook - This hare offers his ears for hanging assistance!
  10. Tiny Gold Bead Necklace - A dainty gold bead necklace guaranteed to compliment any outfit.
  11. Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Military Red - A gorgeous, universally flattering red lipstick.

Come back tomorrow for day 3 of my gifting guides - gifts for geeks, nerds, and cosplayers!



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On the First Day of Giftmas... | Christmas Gift Guide

On the first day of giftmas... It's all about me!

Hello lovelies! It's finally December! Have you started your gift shopping yet? I began perusing websites back during mid November... What can I say - that Christmas Spotify playlist really put me in the spending mood!

Over the past few years I've gained quite an interest in gift shopping. We never had the budget to splurge out on big gifts, meaning I always got books and socks and some clothes for Christmas. Now that I've been making a bit of money, I try to spend a bit more and get nice things for my parents and family. I love finding gifts that I know will put a smile on people's faces. I'm not really going to spend much on myself this year because I need to save up for school, so here's my list of extravagant things that I'll sit here and dream about.

  1. DX Racer Black Gaming Chair - I feel as though I am truly an adult now that I'm wishing for chairs instead of toys. Yes, a $500 chair that looks like a racing car seat. I was at the bf's house and his roommates had a chair like this and it was amazing. I actually just bought this cheapo one from Ikea which is okay, but who want's to pass up sitting in a giant race car chair? 
  2. Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens - I have the "nifty fifty", but I love the blurriness that the 1.4 has! Great for outfit and blog photos.
  3. Canada Goose Kensington Parka - Following the theme of grown-up gifts, yes, a jacket. Canada Goose jackets are famous for being super warm - padded with duck down and lined with a fur ruff. Canadian winters are cold, okay? Might be a little tmi, but I have Reynaud's Phenomenon which means if my limbs get too cold, the blood vessels close up and my hands/feet go white. I really need to invest in a good winter coat since I've just been using a fall jacket with 2 sweaters underneath hahahaha. Maybe for my next big paycheck...
  4. Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette - Do I need more eyeshadows? No. But I the colours are just so preeeeetttyyyy.
  5. YSL Opium Eau de Toilette - I'm actually debating whether or not this is going to be my Christmas gift to myself this year. Opium is described to arouses the senses with an exotic blend of lush florals, rich spices, and deep wood notes.
  6. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick - Went into Sephora the other day and tried it on... Such a beautiful pink colour! I don't wear pinks too often (usually orange toned or coral shades) but this one really worked on me!
  7. Black Milk Mermaid Chameleon Leggings - I've always wanted a pair of Black Milk Leggings - the patterns are so pretty! I also love the Galaxy ones.
  8. Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse - I'm really becoming the Razer fangirl! One of Matt's roommates bought him the Deathadder Chroma for his birthday and I tried it out - such a quality mouse! 
  9. K-On Mugi 5th Anniversary Figure - Waiiiifuuu! I love the K-On 5th anniversary sets, they're so cute! I already have Mio, just gotta get my other waifu :^)
  10. Ramsay's Best Menus - Over the past year, I've been working hard to improve my cooking skills! I've borrow a few of Ramsay's cook books from the library and I really like his style. Jamie Oliver does good ones as well!
  11. Roots Cabin Shaker Cardigan - Ok, I'm not really a Roots girl. For those who aren't aware, Roots is a huge Canadian brand! I saw this cardigan in store and it's super cozy!! 
What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post... A gift guide for all the ladies in your life!



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