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Nomad Coffee Club | Giveaway

Hello lovelies!

I love coffee. I love pretty instagram feeds. After stumbling upon Nomad Coffee Club's instagram, I quickly followed and lurked their page. I was super happy when Nomad reached out on a possible collaboration and giveaway, which I'd love to show you today!

Nomad Coffee Club is an online coffee bean subscription service. Based in Toronto, they deliver freshly roasted specialty coffee straight to your door! I've seen tons of online subscription services, but never one for coffee.

Now, I'm pretty noobish when it comes to coffee. I drank it occasionally during the school year to keep me up during the late nights working on my thesis project. However, it was only the instant stuff by Nescafe, which was alright. Nothing special. Whenever I go out to a coffee shop, I normally order lattes. I've never really had coffee that's been freshly roasted! 

So, what's included in the Nomad Coffee Club plan?
Fresh, Delicious
Specialty Coffee
Enjoy 12 oz and a whole bag of awesome!
A different coffee every month
Brews up to 35 cups
Roasted with love in Toronto
FREE shipping & Taxes Included
 Check out this pretttyyyy packaging!! These beans were roasted on the 22nd of July, and I picked them up from my PO box on the 24th! It's awesome that they're also based in Toronto. Everything arrives so quickly!

Look at my beautiful coffee art ;))))

This is the flavour I received this month. Every month is different! This month's flavour is Fazenda Passeio, from Brazil, Sul de Minas. It's a full body coffee with notes of milk chocolate and red grape. Very flavourful!

Since I don't really have a coffee grinder, I searched the internet and found that you can use a magic bullet or food processor to grind the beans! My parents also wanted to try out the coffee so we loaded up the Magic Bullet...

I should've shaken up the beans a bit more, but it did a pretty good job. I also found out that coffee beans lose about 60% of their aroma within 15 minutes of grinding! It's also better to grind the beans yourself instead of getting pre-ground ones because of this! So its best to just grind and blend the beans whenever you're feeling like a cuppa.

Now, lucky readers, here's your chance to try out some of Nomad's coffee for yourself! Nomad Coffee Club is offering a one month subscription/box to one lucky person!! I can attest that it's really good coffee, so you're in for a treat! You can check out their website here.

This giveaway is available for Canadian residents only. More international giveaways coming up in the future though! 

Nomad Coffee Club - 1 Month Subscription Giveaway

If this seems like something you'd like to try out, head on over to their website by clicking here and use the code "SACHIE" for $5 off!! Definitely worth it if you're a big coffee drinker. It's tastier and nicer on your wallet than getting that cup of Starbucks everyday.

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Luckdish Curry | Sachie's California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Next stop on my California food tour - Luckdish curry! For the second and third day of Anime Expo, I got currryyyyy!!! Curry is one of my favourite dishes! Thai! Japanese! Indian! You name it! My favourite is Japanese curry though...

Luckily, the food truck lot at Anime Expo had a Japanese curry booth...and that's where I stumbled upon Luckdish!

There was a bit of a line but I didn't care! I was starving, and curry is a hearty meal that will fill up your stomach.


The Blushing Girl | Blush Collection

Hello lovelies!

In an effort to distract myself from my aching desire to peruse the Sephora website, I thought I'd do a makeup post. (It's almost birthday month and my Sephora addiction relapses quite hard - half of my loves list is blushes!...) Blush is one of my favourite types of makeup - I'm drawn to the soft and sparkly peach, rose, and coral shades. I've built up a little collection over the years, by no means as big as other people's but still, not too shabby.

I'm drawn to orange toned blushes - I've got yellow toned skin so I find warmer shades suit me better as opposed to cooler tones. As a result, most of my blush collection features colours that are quite similar.


Shin-Sen-Gumi Ramen | Sachie's California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to another post in my series - Sachie's California Food Tour! You can read the rest of the posts in this series by clicking here.

Tired and hungry after spending a day at Huntington beach, we decided that we needed to fill up on good food. Megan and Tako were very enthusiastic about Shin-Sen-Gumi Hataka Ramen in Fountain valley.


California Beach Day | In N Out, Huntington,& Bonfires

The Beach Episode

Hello lovelies! Part two of my California blog series - be sure to read Part 1 here, all about Anime Expo! Jord and I really wanted to have our ~California Beach Episode~, so we arranged a day out at the beach with Tako, Andrew, Megan, and her boyfriend!

Before that, Tako took us to In N Out. I always hear Californians talk about In N Out, and how good it is! I thought it was just a regular fast food chain, but as always, I figured there was some truth behind the hype. We decided to stop off at an In N Out before our day trip at Huntington Beach! It's got a ~secret menu~ as well, but I ordered the standard "#1" - a double-double hamburger with a drink and fries!

Watching my soon-to-be food baby come into creation...


A Week in Los Angeles | Anime Expo 2015, Porter Robinson, and The Fire

Anime Expo 2015

It is time.....for the Great Anime Expo Update of 2015! During the 1st - 8th of July, I flew from Toronto to Los Angeles for North America's largest anime convention - Anime Expo! Anime Expo is my all time favourite convention - the level of cosplay is higher, the convention halls are bigger, and events are more grand than any other convention I've been to!



Hello lovelies!

I haven't hosted a giveaway in a while. I've recently hit a few milestones - 62k on youtube, 14k on Instagram, and I'm almost at 13k on twitter... Many people know me for my Sailor Jupiter cosplay, so this seems appropriate haha. I actually own this figurine and have an extra! So I decided to give away a Sailor Jupiter figurine to one lucky winner!

Let's take a look at it, shall we?

This is seriously one of the prettiest figures ever. Sailor Jupiter was/is my favourite sailor scout growing up - she was kind, strong, pretty, and super tall! I always felt like I could relate most to her. We're both amazon ladies. We both like cooking, and sports. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, so I could identify with her. I always wore my hair in a high ponytail, ~jupiter~ style. My nostalgia rekindled with the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot. I modified the bodysuit from my Sailor Mars cosplay into Jupiter for Katsucon!

UGHHHH SHES SO PRETTYYYY!!! It's a gorgeous figurine featuring Jupe's signature crazy long legs, flowy ponytail, and transformation pose. Jupiter is everything that I want to be in life!! I'LL NEVER STOP LOVING HER. I'll probably still be cosplaying her at the age of 80. That'll be a sight!

SO.....how can you get your hands on this gem?

Just fill out the rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway ends on July 31st, so you have a little over two weeks! It is an international giveaway! The photos above feature my own figurine, the actual giveaway figurine is in the sealed box. There are lots of ways to get entries! I will post the winner on the 31st, and send them an email. If you want, I'll even sign the figure! Haha!

Best of luck, fellow moonies!


Skincare Saviours: Garnier, Korres, Clinique and more!

Hello lovelies!

I struggled with acne and breakouts until about a year and a half ago. Throughout my teens, I was constantly battling against constant breakouts, combination skin, and redness.  It took a real jab at my self confidence - most of my friends, the bloggers I followed, and youtubers I looked up to all seemed to have flawless skin! I made it my mission to find out what worked for me. I'm happy to say that my skin has been healthier than ever!

Here are some of my favourite products. None of these are acne-specific, as I found my acne was not a result of hormones but product/ingredient irritation.

Garnier Skin Renew Radiance Moisture Cream // Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Cleaner // Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash // Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial // Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm // Bioderma Crealine Solution Micellaire

Still in love with my Clinique cleansing balm! I rarely use makeup wipes to remove my makeup now, as I found that the rubbing irritated my skin. This cleansing balm massages into the skin as an oil, but emulsifies when water is added. It's great at taking off waterproof makeup as well. It lasts forever (I bought mine in December), and you only need a tiny amount! I think this is a great skincare product to invest in. - $35 at Sephora

After cleasing, I like to sweep some Bioderma Crealine Solution Micellaire all over my face. I bought two large bottles in France last year and I've still got almost half a bottle left! Not irritating at all, doesn't cause redness, and catches any last bit of makeup that I may have missed.

Another staple is Garnier's Pure 3 in 1 cleanser, scrub, and mask. I love the scent of this - very fresh. It leaves my skin feeling clean and tingly! It's a thick cream with scrubbing microbeads, but is gentle enough for daily use. Sometimes I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes as a mask while I'm in the bath or shower... feels lovely.

I bought the mini Simple moisturizing cleanser in Rite Aid when I was in LA as an impulse buy as I lost my Tosowoong powder cleanser. I've been using it almost every day before using my Garnier scrub - it feels very gentle, lathers up nicely, and makes my skin feel clean and moisturized! I'll definitely be buying the full size after I use this up.

Finaaaaaally, my two favourite moisturizers. My skin isn't particularly dry, but I make sure not to skip this step in the mornings/evenings. I think many of my skin irritations stemmed from dehydration so now I take extra care to ensure my skin is moisturized! The Garnier radiance moisturizer has vitamin C, and serves as my daily moisturizer! It makes my skin feel soft, and absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue.

I like to treat my skin with the Korres Wild Rose sleeping facial cream if I've been out all day, or have been wearing a lot of makeup for a convention. It's a real treat for the skin, and I find that it revives and nourishes the skin beautifully overnight! $48 at Sephora (US stores, I got mine at Shoppers for a few dollars more)

What's are some of your favourite skincare items at the moment? Would you rather invest in higher end makeup or skincare products? Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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Thanks for reading!


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Cheer Burger | Sachie's California Food Tour

Hello lovelies!

Here's the first post in a new series on my blog... Sachie's Food Tour! :D If you've been following me on twitter or instagram, you already know that I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles, California, for Anime Expo! I had a fantastic time at the convention....but an equally as exciting time feasting at various food trucks / restaurants!

I love food, and blogging.... so adding a food blogging feature on this blog was a natural path! Hopefully I'll help out a few of you guys who are looking for places to eat!

Alright - first day of Anime Expo. It's a huge convention, which means that most restaurants in the area will be full of cosplayers. Tired, hungry, and having to wait in massive lines? No thanks! Luckily across from the convention centre, there's a huge parking lot full of food trucks!! Everything from sushi burritos, pho, riceballs, burgers, boba tea.....and more!!

(photo: yelp)

I decided to eat at Cheer Burger! I was drawn to the brightly colored truck, and the fact that I was seriously craving a burger.


The Sheraton Gateway Airport Hotel in Toronto YYZ

The Sheraton Gateway Airport Hotel

Let the travel blogging begin! WOO YES, one of my favourite things to do! Haven't been able to do it that often but I've got a great series of posts lined up for you! On July 1st, I flew out to the city of angels for Anime Expo 2015! However, the night before, I had the pleasure of staying in the Sheraton Gateway Hotel located in Toronto Pearson Airport.

While organizing my stay, I originally messed up the dates...twice! Felt a bit like an idiot because (for some reason) I thought that there were only 29 days in June. Luckily the Sheraton customer service was completely understanding and were able to change the dates of my stay!! What a relief! Made me look forward to my stay even more!


Summer Nail Edit

Hello lovelies!

It's summerrrrtimeee!! Which means that I change my nail color way too often because I'm indecisive. Not my fault though, there are too many good summer releases! Here are some of my favourite polishes at the moment... Not super summery, but beautiful colours none the less.

Mer-Maid for Each Other - Nicole by OPI  //  Watermelon Rind - China Glaze //  Awakening - China Glaze // Peach Side Babe - Essie // Sugar Daddy -- Essie
Sally Hansen Diamon Flash Top Coat // Sally Hansen Triple Strong Strengthener 

If you have thin nails like me, GET THE TRIPLE STRONG STRENGTHENER. I'M SERIOUS. This is like a gel coating for your nails that can be removed with nail polish remover. Two coats serving as your base strengthens your nails and makes them hard/resistant to peeling! Also the less your nails bend, the less likely your nail polish is to crack!

Current absolute fave - the ever-so-popular Peach Side Babe - part of Essie's 2015 summer collection! The most perfect creamy pink/peach color with a glossy finish - absolutely gorgeous and completely screams summer! I don't think this is a permanent color, so I'll have to go purchase a backup. This is the closest shade I can find to my previous favourite, Rimmel's Rose Libertine. So prettyyyyyy.

What are some of your favourite polishes of the moment?



Bison Bath Salt Roundup

Hello lovelies!

I am the bath queen. I'm perfectly happy sitting in a hot bath for a few hours, gradually turning into a prune. I love bath products, from lush bombs and melts, to bath and body works, to japanese bath salts.

I'm in love with Bison bath salts. I've been using them forever (as you can probably note from the previous posts I've done, dating back to 2012! They're sweat bath powders/salts that contain hot pepper, ginger, and epsom salt combined with carbon dioxide to create a sweat-inducing and water-crackling bath experience! The salts also contain a heating and thickening agent that causes the water to become slightly thicker/slimy. It's a really pleasant feeling and bison makes some of my favourite bath products.

I have 3 salts to share with you today!

 "Soda flavour" bath salt. Smells like sweet soda, or ramune soda! Milky white powder that does not change color in the bath. Turns the water a milky white colour! It has a very fresh scent and has a very sweet scent.

Love the smell of these bath salts. Makes me feel relaxed and my skin feels more moisturized! Also produces a good amount of steam.

Next up, the "hot citron flavour"  bath salt! Lovely citrusy scent, quite lemony. 

The powder starts off as being pink with clear crystals, but turns orange when it hits the water! Super cool! The crystals are like little bath pop-rocks and make crackling noises when in the bath. Strong citrus scent is refreshing!

 Finally, the "ginger soda flavor" bath salt pack. (My hand looks super red/purple/super freaky but its just because I was stirring the hot bath water heheheeeeee) Bath salts are a light orange/red color with yellow and clear crystals.

The bath powder turns yellow/orange when hitting the water. Not so much of a ginger scent, but definitely a noticeable soda/citron scent. 

Finally, Bison's Ginger Cola flavoured bath. A reallllly weird combination imo. I know it's a sweath bath and ginger is supposed to help with it but...why cola..?

 Powder is an orange/red color with clear and yellow crystals! 

When it hits the water, it turns a brown color. I snapchatted my friend (add me - lovelyghost!) and said it looked like someone had thrown dirt in the bath. A less polite friend said it looked like someone crapped in the bath. Brown color was an immediate turnoff.......

Didn't notice much of a steam effect or extra moisturization. I was totally thrown on the scent - cola with a weird side tinge of ginger? Doesn't go together in my opinion, so this was a miss for me. The previous ginger-soda scent was much nicer...

Those are my thoughts on the bison bath salts I recently tried out! I'll probably have a part 2 coming out after I go pick up a few more. There are a few more varieties I'd like to check out!

Have you tried bison bath salts before? What are your favourite kinds of bath products?


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