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June Makeup Bag

Hello lovelies!

It's the beginning of June, meaning today I'll be sharing some of my beauty favourites from the past month! More specifically, what was in my june makeup bag. I'll be making this a monthly feature since it seems to be quite popular! I also love sharing what I've been loving.

Starting off with the bag itself - a small pouch that came in an ipsy order (last month I think?) I love it HAHA because it's true....


Evening at Summit Garden

Hello lovelies!

My family and I took a trip down to Summit Garden, one of our favourite chinese restaurants. Food is tasty, portion sizes are great, and it has a very comfortable atmosphere. If you're in Toronto/ Mississauga, it's at the intersection of Winston Churchill Blvd and Dundas St. Not the most glamorous area but the food is great!

Starting off with beef stock soup filled with tender meat and carrots. Super savory. 


Wanted but not Needed

Hello lovelies!

I'm a sheep. I'm a total sheep. I follow hundreds of blogs, youtube channels, and websites run by cosplayers, personalities, gurus, and vloggers that are constantly recommending items for me to by. Things that I won't be able to live without. Now that I'm a recent graduate / gleefully unemployed, I find myself lusting after basically everything without the budget or means to obtain these things. I'm a very fortunate person - I have all the material possessions I could ever want or need. But I'm allowed to lust after things right?

Here's a little wishlist I put together~


I'm a recovering Sephora addict and have convinced myself there's only so much make that I can put on my face on a given day. Luckily, this mentality has forced me to switch up my makeup bag/routine every few days so that I get good use out of all my products. When I walk past a Sephora in the mall, I try to divert my eyes. I'm on a makeup buying ban until the end of the year, but knowing me, I'll definitely crack sometime around August (birthday hauls y'know, THE SEPHORA BIRTHDAY GIFT...ughghghdfjgkdhfg).

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Swatched these in store, absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't help that every beauty blogger and their cousin raves about this.

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barley: Gorgeous golden bronzey nude shade / my number one eye look, this shadow would fit in perfectly.

Clarisonic Mia2 Cleansing System: CLEAN AND PERFECT SKIN IS THE GOAAALLL and apparently this is a great way to achieve it!

Toofacted Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush - Heart shaped coral blush with shimmer? Count me in!

Roses de Chloe perfume - Roses are my absolute favourite flower, and I'm in love with my Chloe rollerball perfume. I always spritz this on myself when I pop into Sephora because I can't justify paying over 100 on a perfume yet...

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment - I lovelovelove face masks/muds/peels, and this one claims to help with common skin concerns!

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil - This one is based purely on hype. Everyone talks about how amazing this is and how great your skin looks after using it! My skin has greatly improved over the past few months/years and I've greatly invested in my skincare regime. I'd love to see if it lives up to the hype.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt - A friend was wearing this when we were out to lunch the other day and it looked gorgeous on her - a lovely soft wash of color. Plus orange lips, yesyesyes

Diorskin Nude BB Cream - Again, previously mentioned friend was wearing this and her skin looked so good! (Yes, I trust this friend's recommendation because she's a huge makeup geek and has literally tried everything/knows the goods and the bads, and has a similar skin type/shade as me)

Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanser: Already given my heart to Korres after committing to their Wild Rose night facial cream. The wild rose scent is fabulous and my skin feels amazing in the morning, so I figured the cleanser would be a natural addition!


iPhone 6: Do I need to upgrade to the 6 from my current iPhone 5? No. Do I want to? Yes! I've been eyeing this baby because of its camera - apparently its much better than the 5's camera. Also, it would be much easier to vlog on an iphone at conventions as opposed to my regular Canon ELPH 300hs = less to carry around at cons.

Razer Chroma keyboard: It looks cool as hell. YOU CAN PUT ON CHANGING COLOR PATTERNS. So cool aughghggh!

Softbox Lighting: Ok this one is a bit more of a necessity - I usually film videos in my room and rely on ikea lamps/desk laps/ overhead spotlight lighting. Before color correction, my videos are typically super yellow! I hate it. This also causes a bit of Graininess in my videos which isn't that appealing. I might look into softbox lighting soon so I can upgrade the quality of my videos.

Let me know what is on your wishlist! Have you tried any of my wishlist items? What are your thoughts? 



Day at the ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum

Popped by the Royal Ontario Museum today! Students get free admission on Tuesdays so we went to check out the exhibits. Especially wanted to see the dinos after seeing Jurassic World, haha!!

Brought my 50mm lens to test out, still getting used to fixed lenses since I've only really used an 18-55mm.


[REVIEW] Petite Cherry Lingerie

Hello lovelies!

A while ago, Petite Cherry (formerly Kaur's Laurel) contacted me about reviewing some of  their new pieces from their store! Petite Cherry is a cute lingerie store inspired by Asian fashion! I believe they are also operated by the same company that runs Eyecandys Circle Lenses.

I have to sets for review today. I was sent  two pairs, and the reviews are my 100% honest opinion,


Paris (1 Year Later)

Paris, Oh La La!

Heya lovelies! I found one of my old portable hard drives stuck behind my desk the other day! I had been looking for this hard drive for the past few months and it was wedged behind the back board of my desk and the back wall! I found a lot of old photos and videos that I had been meaning to upload but couldn't.

So, here I am, blogging about Paris, one year later. Better late than never, right...?

Luckily I remember the trip quite vividly, and recorded my daily activities/thoughts in my 2014 Muji planner. I went on a spontaneous Paris bus trip with my school friends whilst I was on my 3rd year university exchange last year, between June 7-12, 2014. I had just returned from Portugal on June 5th and decided I needed to do some more travelling before flying back to Canada on the 22nd.


Tarte Goodies

Hello lovelies!

Little makeup update for you. I got these tarte goodies in a recent Sephora order with a friend! Here's a tip: if you ever want to order something from Sephora, do it with a friend! Free tracked shipping over $75, and you get a ton of site-exclusive samples that aren't offered in store. My friend isn't a frequent makeup buyer so her purchase added to my Beauty Insider points :D

Anyway, sad news was last week, my second Kat Von D powder compact (still a baby - new and only a few weeks old) did a suicide jump from my purse one night after getting a ride back home in the evening. It was dark, I was searching around my bag for my keys, and suddenly my purse flipped upside down and the compact fell. Popped clean out of the pan and shattered all over the concrete porch. SUCH A SAD DAY. To top it off, it rained really hard the next day and washed everything away. $50 literally down the drain. :(((((

Anyway, summer is coming up and I thought it might be the time to switch to something a little bit lighter! The day after "the shattering', my friend and I placed an order for some new makeup goodies. I have combination type skin and after a little bit of research, found out that Tarte's Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Powder Foundation was a recommended choice by bloggers and beauty gurus alike. It claims to have medium to full coverage, sits lightly on the skin but lasts for a long time, and its mineral properties are better for the skin. Sounds good to me, especially since the Kat Von D powder (which I briefly reviewed here) was more on the heavier side.

 I'm in love with Tarte's packaging! I love the whole bamboo look, very sleek and pretty! The makeup itself encased under a mesh stocking cover to prevent spillage, which is great because I have a tendency to use way too much powder and cake my face up. It also has a plastic stopper built into the lid that presses down on the mesh when you close it, making sure that no powder flies out or moves around.

I use the shade 'fair honey', which is suited for fair skin with peach undertones. I debated between this shade and the second lightest shade, but this one suited my perfectly. The powder comes with it's own brush but I didn't feel like spending an extra $34 on it when I have a little stash of Real Technique brushes at home.

I really like this powder - it suits my skin very nicely and it builds up to have a very flawless finish without caking up or feeling heavy. I've been using it every day for the past week or so and it wears very well. My face tends to get oily after a while but this powder kept my face under control! It's a bit on the pricey side ($44, which is about the same as what I paid for the Kat Von D powder and that was totally worth it.)

The other thing I picked up was the Tarte Rainforest After Dark palette! I tried looking for the link on Sephora but it seems to have been taken offline ("out of stock") since it was limited edition...which leads me to wonder if I ordered the last one? WOO YAY! :D

Tarte does it again with their gorgeous packaging! This one features a wood base design with a foil gold snake. The snake has a little purple gem on its head...very pretty.

Let me just say that my attempts at color correcting were not that great. Should have taken photos against a white backround but I thought the grass was a nice touch at the time. For more accurate palette color, reference the Tarte website.

I ordered this as a little graduation gift for myself! After seeing it in stores but never buying it due to it constantly being out of stock, I finally gave in and ordered it online! I bought this palette for several reasons -

  1. It has a really nice selection of colours - some mattes and some shimmers. 
  2. It's a 4 in one product - eyeshadows, highlighter, bronzer, and blush,
  3. It's easy and compact to travel with, which is great for vacations or conventions because less makeup to carry around. 
  4. It has a really big and convenient mirror!

I was kind of fed up carrying so many separate bulky products when I went to conventions. Unfortunately some of my nice makeup (and an iPhone cable) went missing when I stayed in my hotel at Anime North ( >_>), so I figured the less bits and bobs to keep track of, the better. This palette has colors that I love using, and can create a wide variety of looks.


Pink toned colors. Features a satin champagne highligter, a matte pink toned beige, a satiny mauve, and a satiny plum/ dark purple shade, Unleashed is a dusty nude rose which I was unsure about at first, but fell in love with upon application.

The other side of the palette features warm brown colors: a gold shimmer, a matte brown, a cool toned 'espresso' brown shade, and a bronzer which is very similar to the NYC sunny bronzer that I've used forever. 

Absolutely in love with this palette, definitely one of my favourites and I'm glad I got it before it ran out of stock! You can still order it from the Tarte website! 

What do you think about this palette? Do you own any Tarte products? Are there any you would like to try out? Let me know in the comments below!


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