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[review] stila positively pink set

Hello lovelies!

A few weeks ago, I ordered Stila's Positively Pink set! It was a charity set for breast cancer awareness! It comes with a blush and a lip glaze! It was on sale for £3.50 (or something around that, can't remember the exact price) on the Stila.co.uk website with free shipping! With a steal like that (especially for Stila), I couldn't resist!

Positively Pink Cheek Palette
A slightly peachy, pink blush with an embossed breast cancer ribbon design. There are two ribbons that have a slightly pink, champagne spray over which adds a little shimmer to the blush colour!

Lip Glaze in Splendor
I've never really tried Stila's lip glazes before so I didn't really know what to expect. The gloss is super sticky, but it sticks to your lips and doesn't move. I like that kind of feeling on a gloss! It is  light pink and very shimmery, very cute! It would probably look nicer over a lipstick or stain to add a lovely shimmer over a rosiser shade!

I'm glad I managed to snag this set! A higher end brand set for less than most individual drug store makeup products! Sometime it pays off to follow hundreds of beauty blogs ;-)

I'll be doing a make up tutorial with these products soon, stay tuned!


Remaking the Naked

Hiya lovelies~

I've had Urban Decay's Naked palette for two years now, and it's lovely. It has neutral colours that I wear very often, and the pigmentation is fantastic. However, after seeing a post on Reddit's r/makeupaddiction, I was inspired to remake my palette.

I only really use a few of the colours on a regular basis. Since I've been in the UK, I've been travelling regularly, which means I can't really carry a long palette with me everywhere! I prefer the tin packaging of the Naked 2 and 3 to the first one, so I thought it was time to remake my Naked palette!

(Painful to see, right? haha.) As you can see, my original Naked palette has a cracked mirror and the packaging really isn't that nice. I used a thin xacto knife to lift up the eyeshadow tins.

Next, I took the e.l.f. contouring blush and bronzer compact and did the same thing! This compact is nice because it has quite a big mirror, is hard/sturdy, and is a great portable size. I like the blush, it's peachy with micro gold glitter in it! It's supposedly a dupe for Nars' Orgasm blush! The bronzer is too dark for me and super super pigmented, it takes a huge amount of blending for it to look normal for me and really isn't worth the effort... (I got this set for like $3 in Winners so I'm not too attached to it.) I took the blush out of the plastic casing.

In my set, I used double sided tape to stick in the blush, and the Naked palette's toasted, darkhorse, virgin, sin, sidecar and buck. It's a shame I couldn't fit another tin above darkhorse! :( But yeah, this is my new palette! Much more convenient, and easy to travel with/pop in my makeup bag.

I took the other colours and the bronzer and put them in another tin! I still use the other colours, but don't carry them around with me.

Whatcha think? Let me know in the comments.

Seeya later~



Hello lovelies!

This post might be a little past when most people do their recaps, but I've been having laptop issues and just recently got it back from the repair shop! But moving on...

Last year I did a year in review post, you can read it here! I thought I would continue the trend. 2013 has easily been the most exciting year of my life so far!! Here are some of my achievements!

  • In January, I started filming regular content for my YouTube channel! My channel started to grow bigger and bigger, and so many exciting things came from it! I went from about 18k to almost 40k! 
  • Applied and was accepted for academic exchange to England! It's been a dream of mine ever since I was little to go on exchange and live in England! The city where my university is from is really drab and boring - it's going to be so hard to return and finish my fourth year.
  • Started making videos with Geek and Sundry! Making biweekly vlogs about cosplay for their vlog channel! This really helped me become more comfortable with vlogging, as well as making new vlogger friends! 
    • Through this, I got to visit my dream conventions, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con!! They definitely lived up to my expectations, and it was totally surreal! I even got to do a panel at SDCC with Geek and Sundry, and over 2000 people showed up! Ahhh so cool so cool!!
  • -Shortly after I arrived in England, I attended London MCM Expo and Doki Doki! Met a lot of my English YouTube friends like Kelsey, Cherry and Beckii, as well as Karen (who flew from Germany, where she was doing her exchange!) It was totally surreal because I've known these girls online for years and have only been able to meet them now!
  • Not too long after, I attended the 50th Doctor Who celebration in London! I did some videos with the BBC for the official Doctor Who channel as well, and made a few more youtuber friends! I watched the Day of the Doctor screening in a massive panel room, it was unlike anything I've ever experienced before.
  • Finally, I'm ending my year off on a high note- I've been able to travel more this year than I have any other year! Just recently I did a mini trip from London - Belfast - Dublin - Pwethlli (Wales) - London! Totally crazy and exhausting but so totally worth it.

After such a crazy year, I need to set some goals and resolutions for myself like I do ever year!

  • Keep making more videos! I really want to grow my channel this year, especially through collabs with English YouTube friends!
  • Spend less money! I've been spending a lot since I got here v_v not only on travel but on clothes and stuff too! There's still a part of my mindset that translates £ value = $, even though the pound is still only like 0.56 to the dollar :(
  • Develop and carry through on a fitness regime! Ok ok I know everyone always says "It's the New Year so I'm gonna excise and get healthy yea yea!!" But seriously! I haven't been able to weigh myself since I got here and I'm positive that I've gained weight. Exercise and maintaining a healthier diet will lead to a fitter body, healthier mind and less breakouts! :D
  • Change my style! I'm wayyyyy too comfortable with my sense of style now, I need to learn how to dress up more and present myself more nicely! Slowly switching out my comfort clothes for nicer things.
  • Draw more! Fill up two more moleskines! 
  • Blog more! LOL totally neglected my blog but I want to keep it going, I like looking through my old posts! 

Here's to another fantastic year! What were some of your resolutions? :}

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