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liverpool pt 2

Heyo lovelies! 

This post is a continuation from my last post! When Naomi and I booked our trip to Liverpool, we knew that we had to go on a Beatles tour! As recommended to me by somebody on twitter, we decided to go on the 'Magical Mystery Tour'.  Tickets were £15.95 each!


liverpool lovin'

Hello lovelies! (Just a warning, this is a very image heavy post! Most of the photos are under the cut)

This past Saturday (October 19th), my friend Naomi and I decided to take a trip down to Liverpool! The university actually organizes 'GIAG - Give It A Go' sessions! They are basically taster sessions where clubs allow you to attend a meeting for free to see if you'd like to join. However, they also had day trip opportunities! We decided to do the day trip to Liverpool. The trip cost us £17 ($28 CAD) which covered the round trip bus fare.

We met by the university at 8:45AM. The bus departed Leeds at 9AM.

Very dark and foggy when we departed. The weather was a bit crazy that day - first grey, then sunny, then rainy, then grey, then INTENSE RAIN, sunny, and then it just got really dark and stormy.


[review] candylens

Hiya lovelies!

Got some lovely lenses from Candylens to review today! Shipping took about a week to arrive from Malaysia to England. (I think that was about the same time it took to arrive in Canada as well?)  Anyway, communication was great, they replied fast to all of my emails, and answered any questions that I had! When a store has great customer service, it makes a great impression and makes me recommend them to my friends! :D

Let's take a look at the lenses, shall we?

Vassen Latte Gray
Seriously loving these lenses. Although the websites states that they are 14.5mm, they give the illusion of being around 16mm. Definitely the most enlarging lenses that I own! They give a super dolly-eyed look. They are grey, with flecks of brown. Has a dark, medium size limbal (outer) ring.


first uk beauty haul/review

Heyo lovelies~

Now that I've been in the UK for a few weeks, it's only natural that I delve into the world of ~beauty products that I can't find in Canada~... Meaning, I've been trying out a few items that I have not seen back home! I left a bunch of beauty essentials at home, things that I could easily just buy here! (Moisturizer, shampoo...etc.)

I didn't buy these all at once, but rather over the span of the past three weeks!

First - my makeup purchases! One of the first makeup products that I wanted to try out while in the UK was the Bourjois line. I don't believe we have this back in Canada? I've heard so many beauty gurus/bloggers rave about this brand - especially the Healthy Mix Serum gel foundation.


Leeds Light Night 2013

Hi lovelies!

On Friday evening, a two friends and I decided to head downtown Leeds and check out Leeds Light Night! It's basically a night where there are lots of live performances, art exhibits, street food vendors...etc. If you've ever been to art/super crawl in Hamilton, or any of the art events in Toronto..it was kind of like that!

I think I prefer going out to artsy events instead of going clubbing... More fun wandering around a lit-up city at night with friends!

 First we headed down to Trinity Square (main downtown shopping district.) Lots of beautiful arcades outdoor/indoor shopping areas. Wish we had more of these in Canada.


Adventure to Kirkstall Abbey

Hello lovelies!

A while ago, a few friends and I decided to walk down to Kirkstall Abbey! "Kirkstall Abbey is a ruined Cistercian monastery in Kirkstall north-west of Leeds city centre in West Yorkshire. It is set in a public park on the north bank of the River Aire."

It was quite a spontaneous trip - my friend (and fellow exchangee from Canada) Tabetha brought it up one day, and since we didn't have plans (class hadn't started yet), we decided to go on a little day trip! It was fun exploring Leeds, although we did get lost on the way there.

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