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Heya lovelies! I'm here! In England! Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!!! :D (Just in case you were wondering why I haven't been updating anything recently)

Last Tuesday (on the 17th), I flew from Toronto Pearson Airport to Manchester Airport. The days leading up to the flight were super hectic - rushing to collect all of the documents that I needed, trying to cram the last few clothing items into my suitcase, saying my goodbyes to friends, etc. I was quite anxious leading up to the date as flying across the world to live in a different country was something that I've never done before.

Leaving my parents at the airport was really hard, I was trying really hard not to cry haha! Super bravefacing. After I got through security and met up with one of my fellow exchangees, the anxiety melted away! It transformed into excitement! :D

 I flew out with two other girls (Tabetha and Naomi) who go to my university! Our flight departed Toronto at 11:50PM EST and we arrived in Manchester at 11:30AM GBT. I was crammed in the Window seat with two pudgy ladies beside me who always gave me sour faces when I had to squeeze past them to go to the toilet. I actually offered for them to move in the window seat and the one day said she wanted the aisle seat because of her "long legs". Sure lady, you're 5'4, don't talk to me about having long legs. 


little street angels

Hey lovelies!

Finally got photos back from Fan Expo! It feels like forever ago, even though it was only like, 2 weeks ago. Whoaaaaaaaa. Fan Expo was super fun this year, but quite different to the other Fan Expos I've been to. This year, I didn't attend with my usual circle/cosplay group, since we all had different plans. Instead, my lovely friend mle stayed over at my house during the convention, since we were cosplaying Attack on Titan on the Saturday!

On the Friday of the convention, we decided to take it easy and vlog. We tried doing own on take on "Japanese street style", aka me failing horribly at getting dressed (threw on some things last minute), while mle rocked her monotone cat-inspired outfit!

Another attempt at a fashion-bloggy post.

Top - Oasap // Skirt - Unnamed Chinese Brand // Sailor Moon Necklace - Kuma Crafts // Glasses - Ardene // Creepers - eBay

My attempt at "street fashion." I was in a bit of a hurry in the morning because my original outfit (shirt + high waisted shorts) was more American Apparel than Shibuya street style, so I scrambled around my closet and pulled out this skirt. There was actually a super engrish tshirt attached to it but I had previously cut it out. Finally put it to use!

Luckily, some of our friends (who also happen to be photographers) took some street-style snaps of us! ;D
Struttin it out! We had to walk a few times because I kept laughing and making stupid faces. We also found that cute balloon just randomly tied to a post! 
If you're interested in seeing where mle got her outfit, check out her blog! We're hoping to do a lot more collaborations together, more info on that soon.

This little shoot was so much fun! :D I'd love to start doing more of these too! What do you guys think? Also, bonus derpy picture. 


Sudden Realizations

Hey lovelies! 

I was checking dates on my phone and it suddenly dawned on me that today is the first day of September... whaaaaat??? Time goes by so quickly, it's scary! I just turned 20 the other day as well which is insane.

Had a lovely birthday cake - chestnut cream cake (again.) Pretty sure I get this ever year, but it's so good! It's a flavour that it typically sold in Chinese bakeries- sweet (but not too sweet) and creamy.

My friends asked me, "How does it feel being 20? Do you feel old?" It's strange, but I don't feel any different. When I'd meet new people, they would ask me how old I am and I'd ask them to guess. Almost always, they thought I was 22-23. 

"Because you're tall!" / "Because you're more mature!" etc. I don't even really get ID'd for alcohol or anything that often. It's funny because when I'm with my friends who are older than me, people assume I'm the oldest one there! (That's what I get for having baby-faced friends I suppose,) so I guess the majority of the people thinking I was over the age of 20 helped me ease into it a bit quicker, haha. 

I've been listening to a lot of Grimes lately, especially love her song 'Genesis'. Such a good song! 
Anyway for some reason when I was listening to this song, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, I'm already 20." That's like a quarter of my life gone by. Within the next 10 years of my life, I might get my dream job, I might be married, I might have a child? That's such a weird thought.
I had that same kind of feeling when I was at the 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon panel at Fan Expo. I felt so nostalgic and had this weird longing for childhood and then it dawned on me that I was about to turn 20 and I'm being thrown into the world of adulthood. I know I'm definitely thinking waaay to much into it for now but it's just a really strange thought! I'm the kind of person who likes planning everything out/knowing all the details for long term future plans and it's giving me a lot of anxiety as to the fact that I have no idea what's going to happen when I graduate.

Gotta live the next 10 years of my life to the fullest, and what better way to kickstart it than by going on the exchange!

I'm so excited, still planning things out like what to bring with me, where my classes are, how I'm supposed to set up a bank account/cell phone plan, all without the help of my parents. As much as I am excited, I'm slightly terrified, but I'm looking forward to it! I guess it'll be a little taste tester to see if I'd actually like to move there somewhere in the future.

I'll blog about my exchange stuff later (there will be many more posts, probably going to make a blog series), just wanted to get this off my chest for now.

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