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White Screen mesh contacts [review]

Hello lovelies! I've got a contact lens review for you today, haven't done one in a while now!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm planning to cosplay Hinata from Naruto Shippuden! She's a character that has 'white out eyes' - she doesn't have a black pupil.

I bought these contacts from youknowit.com. I haven't bought lenses from them before, but apparently they're quite well known. They sell lots of special effects contact lenses (like scleral/full eye contacts, ones with special designs...etc. Not really circle lenses)
These lenses are £17.99... I can't remember the exact price for these, but I'm pretty sure it came to a little over $30. The store is located in the UK, and it took about a week to ship here in Canada! :D
 Unlike regular contacts, there is no part for the pupil to see through, since the purpose of these lenses is to create a whiteout effect. 
So you're probably wondering how much it actually obscures your vision! This is based on my experience with them. For reference, I don't wear glasses, I have 20/20 or plano vision (0.00). Also my eyes are a bit watery in this picture because I had just put them in!  I swear my blog is mostly freaky/weird pictures of my eyes hahaha.

If you have dark eyes, they do show through the mesh and are pretty obvious up close. However, they look less noticeable from far away. Instead of having pure white-out eyes, your eyes just look dead and gray.

Since it's a mesh/screen design, you can still see through the mesh. Your vision is probably reduced down to about 60% of your typical degree of visibility. You can still see things such as basic outlines, colours, and shapes. If you bring something up close to your eyes (such as something with writing) and focus harder, you can read. 

For example, here is a photo that I took a while ago!
This is what you would see with your regular eyesight.

 If you had these lenses in and there was a pretty good amount of light, or it was day time, the photo would look like this. A little bit of blurriness. It basically looks like somebody took a big white overlay and put it over your field of vision.
If there was a low-medium amount of light, it would look like this. You can see more colour and generally make out more of things, but there's still a bit of white overcast.

Basically, the more light there is, the less you can see. (Not sure what it's like with the other colours, but this is definitely the case with white lenses.) If you plan on wearing these, make sure you have a friend or somebody who can guide you because these do obscure your vision. I wouldn't wear these for long periods of time either, as they do make your eyesight a tad blurry/ might cause headaches.

Anyway, yeah. Just be careful when you wear these lenses! :> 

Aaaaaand finally, sneak peek of my Hinata cosplay! :D
Cosplay was sent to me from xfancy.com for review, please check them out! Review coming out soon~ 


Con G

Domineau and I will be attending Con G in Guelph next weekend! I'm excited because I haven't seen her since Christmas. We were planning to do Pokemon trainers but the rest of our group had other plans, so it'll just be the two of us plus some other friends attending the con together. If my Hinata cosplay arrives on time, I guess I'll do that! Take it out for a test run before Anime North.

Other than that, we don't really have too many plans... I guess it'll just be to take it easy for the weekend, interview some people and make some videos, and just have fun instead of freaking out over cosplay stuff. I've really had to cut back on cosplay this year because I'm trying to save up some more money for my exchange! (My interview for exchange is on the 26th! Ahhh stress! ;_;)

Oh, and if you see us at the con, please come up and say hello! It's always awesome meeting my readers/viewers! :D

I thinking of doing some more fashion/outfit posts... Maybe cosplay transformation videos! I lost my notebook where I write all of my video ideas so I'm trying to remember what I wrote down, hahaha.....

Sorry for the lack in posts, I'll have some stuff up for you guys soon <3



Woooo slowing getting back into reviews! I'm quite behind on them but I'm getting back into the swing of things!

I received a few things from Wishtrend to review! Wishtrend is a website that sells loads of Korean beauty products. I know lots of my readers are interested in Asian cosmetics, so you might want to check them out! They sell lots of products from popular brands such as Skin79, Elishacoy, Tosowoong...etc!

This is what I received! 
 Enzyme Powder Wash, Klair's Restoring Time Serum, LIZ Color Veil BB Cream, Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB Cream, and Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush

 This is the Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush. It's a super dense facial cleansing brush with something like thirty one thousand bristles! (O_O) So many! It claims to help fully clean out pores and remove dirt from the face.

First off, THIS BRUSH IS SO SOFT. I mean, so so so soft. And so nice. Brushing the dry bristles against your face is the nicest feeling in the world. The brush lathers up very quickly, you can feel it cleaning out your pores. It feels super refreshing! I've tried loads of cleansing brushes and this is by far my favourite. And I didn't notice any shedding! 

 I used the brush with the cleansing powder that they sent me - Enzyme Powder Wash. It claims to thoroughly clean skin as well as giving it a healthy glow.

 The bottle is filled with this "powder." (It looks like laundry detergent haha!) Basically, you add water to it and lather it onto your face. It creates a thick foam, which is very nice! It made my face feel very clean and refreshed. It worked fantastically with the brush as well! I was looking on the Wishtrend website and they currently have a promotion where you can get the wash and brush together! :D I also like how easy it is to transport - it won't leak or anything because it's a dry powder, so it's great for travelling!

Now, onto the BB creams!
 I received two different BB creams - the first of which is the LIZ Color Veil UV Protection BB Cream. This BB cream has SPF 50+, which means it has a great amount of sun protection! This BB cream has a lovely rose scent! I know some people don't like fragrance in their makeup, but oh myyyyy this smell is wonderful!

 This bb cream is medium - heavy coverage. It also has yellow undertones, which is great for me! It's so hard for me to find my shade in foundations at drug stores because everything is either too pink or orange toned for me! This shade (Gorgeous Beige) fit me perfectly. 

 I also received the Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB Cream. I've never heard of this brand before, so I was quite excited to try it out! It doesn't have a strong scent. Coverage is heavy-medium! 

When I first swatched it on my hand, I noticed that the bb cream had pink/grey undertones. I was a bit unsure because they tend to make me look a bit greyface... After I tried it on my face, it oxidized and matched my face color very well! Almost as well as the first one! Which is great - it can also work for people who have yellow/peach skin tones.

This is a wrinkle serum! I'd say I'm not in the target market for wrinkle creams, but I figured I'd give it a go! The serum looks kinda like a gel, and is dispensed through the pump at the top. There isn't really a smell, and it feel refreshing on the skin! I'd say that I'll give it a little longer before I see any results, and I'll report back!~
All of the good things! :D 

I hope you enjoyed the review! I'm slowly getting around to them so you can expect more in the coming weeks. :] If you're interested in any of the products, you can find them at WISHTREND! 

Oh also, I'll be doing a giveaway with them soon, so make sure to subscribe to my youtube page! :D


happy february!

Wow, I can't believe it's already February! Time feels like it's flying by so quickly...

I've seen a few instagram posts where people talk about their instagram photos, so I thought I would try my hand at that! I don't have a point and shoot camera (my old fujifilm died on me) and I only take my DSLR out on special occasions... but I do always have my phone on me! So here are some pictures from the past month! :D

Follow me on instagram! @mahoushoujo

L: I'm the VP of Finance at my school's very first cooking club! One of my friends wanted to start one and asked me if I would like to help out. Of course! Our first event was really fun - we want to teach people how to make easy and healthy student meals. We made fajitas! They were so tasty. I was in charge of the meat station, so I taught people how to properly cook and season ground beef!
R: One of the microphones for my audio project. These are called binaural microphones - they have two mics and pick up sounds on both sides which can help create a 'location' for the sound - for example, if somebody whispered into one side, you would hear it in microphones as if they were whispering into that ear! We had to use these to make a soundscape. I think this kind of looks like ghost hunting equipment.

L: The winter here has been pretty strange so far. Unlike what people normally seem to think about Canada, Toronto hasn't had a proper snowy winter in years! Mostly light - medium amounts of snow if we're lucky. I We're close to Lake Ontario which probably contributes to the slightly warmer weather, compared to places that get foot loads of snow like Barrie / Cambridge! Nothing better than snuggling under blankets though~
R: I am in love with this lotion! I recently subscribed to Ipsy (a monthly subscription makeup/skincare bag, created by Michelle Phan) I don't normally like citrus scented products but I fell in love with this! The lotion is also super moisturising which is fantastic, especially in these summer months.

L: Made my own ringlight! My dad was taking down the christmas decorations when I realized that this could work as a sort of ring light. Lighting isn't very good in my room, so this really helps out. And it gives my eyes a nice starry reflection!
R: Had to buy professional studio headphones for my audio class. They are circumaural, closed back headphones and I love them! These are the Sony MDR 7506 and cost about $135 before taxes.

L: Received my white mesh contacts for my Hinata cosplay! I'll post a review of these soon. They basically cover your eye and create a white-out effect! You are still able to see quite well, but it's like looking through thick fog. And the less light there is, the better you can see.
R: My cute mug~ I'm addicted to tea now! I usually have two cups a day - one for breakfast and one before I go to bed.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm putting more effort into my youtube channel! I'm about to hit 20k subscribers which is insane. I still can't believe it! :D I'll be sure to have some more posts (mainly reviews) up soon, so please stay tuned!
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