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What's in my makeup bag?

Hello lovelies!

Recently, I received a few requests to show what's inside my makeup bag! I haven't done one of these posts in a really long time so I figured now would be a good time to do an updated version! Also included a mini commentary/review thing...? 

The makeup bag itself is a pouch by Junichi Nakahara. It came as a gift with a magazine. I love it! So cute.



 Hiya lovelies!

Keepin' in the swing of blogging with all of these travel posts! On Saturday, Lindsay, Christa and I took a little day trip down to York. I was talking to one of my flatmates about places to visit in England and she highly recommended it, so we bought a round trip, anytime off-peak ticket for only £8.10 (with out student rail cards). 

We ended up missing our first train by only a few seconds (but it's ok because out ticket was an anytime ticket!) so we sat in Leeds station and enjoyed some ridiculously overpriced Starbucks. I think my new drink is definitely the Caramel Machiato!

The train ride to York was only 20 minutes! The weather was terrible (of course) - grey skies, very windy, random bursts of rain.


liverpool pt 2

Heyo lovelies! 

This post is a continuation from my last post! When Naomi and I booked our trip to Liverpool, we knew that we had to go on a Beatles tour! As recommended to me by somebody on twitter, we decided to go on the 'Magical Mystery Tour'.  Tickets were £15.95 each!


liverpool lovin'

Hello lovelies! (Just a warning, this is a very image heavy post! Most of the photos are under the cut)

This past Saturday (October 19th), my friend Naomi and I decided to take a trip down to Liverpool! The university actually organizes 'GIAG - Give It A Go' sessions! They are basically taster sessions where clubs allow you to attend a meeting for free to see if you'd like to join. However, they also had day trip opportunities! We decided to do the day trip to Liverpool. The trip cost us £17 ($28 CAD) which covered the round trip bus fare.

We met by the university at 8:45AM. The bus departed Leeds at 9AM.

Very dark and foggy when we departed. The weather was a bit crazy that day - first grey, then sunny, then rainy, then grey, then INTENSE RAIN, sunny, and then it just got really dark and stormy.


[review] candylens

Hiya lovelies!

Got some lovely lenses from Candylens to review today! Shipping took about a week to arrive from Malaysia to England. (I think that was about the same time it took to arrive in Canada as well?)  Anyway, communication was great, they replied fast to all of my emails, and answered any questions that I had! When a store has great customer service, it makes a great impression and makes me recommend them to my friends! :D

Let's take a look at the lenses, shall we?

Vassen Latte Gray
Seriously loving these lenses. Although the websites states that they are 14.5mm, they give the illusion of being around 16mm. Definitely the most enlarging lenses that I own! They give a super dolly-eyed look. They are grey, with flecks of brown. Has a dark, medium size limbal (outer) ring.


first uk beauty haul/review

Heyo lovelies~

Now that I've been in the UK for a few weeks, it's only natural that I delve into the world of ~beauty products that I can't find in Canada~... Meaning, I've been trying out a few items that I have not seen back home! I left a bunch of beauty essentials at home, things that I could easily just buy here! (Moisturizer, shampoo...etc.)

I didn't buy these all at once, but rather over the span of the past three weeks!

First - my makeup purchases! One of the first makeup products that I wanted to try out while in the UK was the Bourjois line. I don't believe we have this back in Canada? I've heard so many beauty gurus/bloggers rave about this brand - especially the Healthy Mix Serum gel foundation.


Leeds Light Night 2013

Hi lovelies!

On Friday evening, a two friends and I decided to head downtown Leeds and check out Leeds Light Night! It's basically a night where there are lots of live performances, art exhibits, street food vendors...etc. If you've ever been to art/super crawl in Hamilton, or any of the art events in Toronto..it was kind of like that!

I think I prefer going out to artsy events instead of going clubbing... More fun wandering around a lit-up city at night with friends!

 First we headed down to Trinity Square (main downtown shopping district.) Lots of beautiful arcades outdoor/indoor shopping areas. Wish we had more of these in Canada.


Adventure to Kirkstall Abbey

Hello lovelies!

A while ago, a few friends and I decided to walk down to Kirkstall Abbey! "Kirkstall Abbey is a ruined Cistercian monastery in Kirkstall north-west of Leeds city centre in West Yorkshire. It is set in a public park on the north bank of the River Aire."

It was quite a spontaneous trip - my friend (and fellow exchangee from Canada) Tabetha brought it up one day, and since we didn't have plans (class hadn't started yet), we decided to go on a little day trip! It was fun exploring Leeds, although we did get lost on the way there.




Heya lovelies! I'm here! In England! Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!!! :D (Just in case you were wondering why I haven't been updating anything recently)

Last Tuesday (on the 17th), I flew from Toronto Pearson Airport to Manchester Airport. The days leading up to the flight were super hectic - rushing to collect all of the documents that I needed, trying to cram the last few clothing items into my suitcase, saying my goodbyes to friends, etc. I was quite anxious leading up to the date as flying across the world to live in a different country was something that I've never done before.

Leaving my parents at the airport was really hard, I was trying really hard not to cry haha! Super bravefacing. After I got through security and met up with one of my fellow exchangees, the anxiety melted away! It transformed into excitement! :D

 I flew out with two other girls (Tabetha and Naomi) who go to my university! Our flight departed Toronto at 11:50PM EST and we arrived in Manchester at 11:30AM GBT. I was crammed in the Window seat with two pudgy ladies beside me who always gave me sour faces when I had to squeeze past them to go to the toilet. I actually offered for them to move in the window seat and the one day said she wanted the aisle seat because of her "long legs". Sure lady, you're 5'4, don't talk to me about having long legs. 


little street angels

Hey lovelies!

Finally got photos back from Fan Expo! It feels like forever ago, even though it was only like, 2 weeks ago. Whoaaaaaaaa. Fan Expo was super fun this year, but quite different to the other Fan Expos I've been to. This year, I didn't attend with my usual circle/cosplay group, since we all had different plans. Instead, my lovely friend mle stayed over at my house during the convention, since we were cosplaying Attack on Titan on the Saturday!

On the Friday of the convention, we decided to take it easy and vlog. We tried doing own on take on "Japanese street style", aka me failing horribly at getting dressed (threw on some things last minute), while mle rocked her monotone cat-inspired outfit!

Another attempt at a fashion-bloggy post.

Top - Oasap // Skirt - Unnamed Chinese Brand // Sailor Moon Necklace - Kuma Crafts // Glasses - Ardene // Creepers - eBay

My attempt at "street fashion." I was in a bit of a hurry in the morning because my original outfit (shirt + high waisted shorts) was more American Apparel than Shibuya street style, so I scrambled around my closet and pulled out this skirt. There was actually a super engrish tshirt attached to it but I had previously cut it out. Finally put it to use!

Luckily, some of our friends (who also happen to be photographers) took some street-style snaps of us! ;D
Struttin it out! We had to walk a few times because I kept laughing and making stupid faces. We also found that cute balloon just randomly tied to a post! 
If you're interested in seeing where mle got her outfit, check out her blog! We're hoping to do a lot more collaborations together, more info on that soon.

This little shoot was so much fun! :D I'd love to start doing more of these too! What do you guys think? Also, bonus derpy picture. 


Sudden Realizations

Hey lovelies! 

I was checking dates on my phone and it suddenly dawned on me that today is the first day of September... whaaaaat??? Time goes by so quickly, it's scary! I just turned 20 the other day as well which is insane.

Had a lovely birthday cake - chestnut cream cake (again.) Pretty sure I get this ever year, but it's so good! It's a flavour that it typically sold in Chinese bakeries- sweet (but not too sweet) and creamy.

My friends asked me, "How does it feel being 20? Do you feel old?" It's strange, but I don't feel any different. When I'd meet new people, they would ask me how old I am and I'd ask them to guess. Almost always, they thought I was 22-23. 

"Because you're tall!" / "Because you're more mature!" etc. I don't even really get ID'd for alcohol or anything that often. It's funny because when I'm with my friends who are older than me, people assume I'm the oldest one there! (That's what I get for having baby-faced friends I suppose,) so I guess the majority of the people thinking I was over the age of 20 helped me ease into it a bit quicker, haha. 

I've been listening to a lot of Grimes lately, especially love her song 'Genesis'. Such a good song! 
Anyway for some reason when I was listening to this song, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, I'm already 20." That's like a quarter of my life gone by. Within the next 10 years of my life, I might get my dream job, I might be married, I might have a child? That's such a weird thought.
I had that same kind of feeling when I was at the 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon panel at Fan Expo. I felt so nostalgic and had this weird longing for childhood and then it dawned on me that I was about to turn 20 and I'm being thrown into the world of adulthood. I know I'm definitely thinking waaay to much into it for now but it's just a really strange thought! I'm the kind of person who likes planning everything out/knowing all the details for long term future plans and it's giving me a lot of anxiety as to the fact that I have no idea what's going to happen when I graduate.

Gotta live the next 10 years of my life to the fullest, and what better way to kickstart it than by going on the exchange!

I'm so excited, still planning things out like what to bring with me, where my classes are, how I'm supposed to set up a bank account/cell phone plan, all without the help of my parents. As much as I am excited, I'm slightly terrified, but I'm looking forward to it! I guess it'll be a little taste tester to see if I'd actually like to move there somewhere in the future.

I'll blog about my exchange stuff later (there will be many more posts, probably going to make a blog series), just wanted to get this off my chest for now.


[Review] Sephora's Give Me Some Lip 2013

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Ahh damn! I knew this blog every other day thing wouldn't work out! Haha, it was cool while it lasted, definitely got me into blogging more. I've got a lot to talk about in upcoming posts, especially for my upcoming exchange to England! :)

Anyway, today is my birthday! It's been pretty chill, just went to the mall and bought a new point and shoot camera for vlogging and taking pictures (since my DSLR is quite heavy/takes up a lot of space.) By the time this post comes out, I'll be out having dinner with friends. Woo Pickle Barrel! :D

My good friend Mika ordered this for me from Sephora for my birthday! It's a value lip set, containing different deluxe size samples from popular makeup brands. You can find it here - it retails for $30 in Canada / $25USD! We were actually surfing r/makeupaddiction on Reddit and came across a really good review.. I kinda said that I wanted it without thinking and Mika was like "I'll get it for your birthday!" Yaay!! :D

 It includes 6 products - one of which is full sized! (Tarte Lip-Surgence!) This is great for somebody like me who hasn't really explored in the world of lip glosses, haha. I think lip products are my addiction, I have so many!

It's funny because the card that came with the order said "Hope you'll get lots of kisses with these in England."

....Hahaha fat chance *forever alone*

Anyway, on to the review! The first one, the Fresh Rose tinted lip treatment isn't pictured because I already reviewed on this blog. You can read the review here! 

 0.10 oz Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Bare Pink - This is a really pretty neutral pink gloss! It has a really strong scent, kinda smells like vanilla cupcake? Or cake batter or something? I typically don't like this strong of a scent but I really like the smell of this one, and the colour is so nice! A very pretty nude-pink.

 0.07 oz Buxom® Full-On™ Lip Polish in Dolly - Medium pink gloss with subtle shimmer. I've never tried a Buxom gloss before! These are well known in the makeup community because when you apply it on your lips, you get a tingling feeling! It claims to plump your lips up. The cooling sensation is really nice! Lovely colour as well. 
 0.14 oz NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight - W-wait... what's that black blur in the corner??
 It's Happy! Every time I try taking blog photos, she get's a sudden urge for attention and always walks into my photos. Here she is modelling the Nars gloss, haha. The gloss itself is a pale pink gloss. I was very skeptical when I saw this because I typically don't like very pale colours, I don't feel like they suit my skin tone that well. However, I found that a little bit goes a long way - using just a dab across the lips gives a nice pale colour without being too light.

0.05 oz Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb - Glossy lip pencil. As the name states, it's very pigmented! Lovely rhubarb colour. Haven't really worn this much, but I feel like I'll be wearing this a lot in the fall!
0.10 oz Tarte LipSurgence™ Lip Luster in Glitzy - Full fized product! This is like a glossy lip crayon, a bit more of a smooth texture than the Bite pencil. Medium (slightly copper/orange-toned) pencil with shimmer. I also think this will be a nice fall colour! And it's full sized, which is even better!

Now, for swatches.
My favourite colours at the moment are the Laura Mercier and Buxom glosses! However, I really like all of these colours and I feel like I'll be getting a lot of wear out of each of them. It's great that these are also deluxe sample sizes! I'm not a religious wearer of lip-gloss, so this is a nice way to try out products (for such a good price, I mean $30 for 6 products!!) All of the colours look great across bare lips as well. Haven't really tried layering them on top of lipsticks yet though because I pretty much only have orange lipsticks at the moment haha....

If you want to see what the colours look like on actual lips, check out this review! This was the review that my friend and I found on Reddit that kinda prompted me to fall in love with it. Glad I did! :)Which one is your favourite?

Definitely recommend this set! If you're thinking about it, definitely try it out! (The price is great as well!)

I'll be posting soon when I start preparing for my exchange to England! :D Seeya~!


summer wishlist


I've been doing an unhealthy amount of window shopping - both online and in-store. I like to wind down in the evenings after work but reading blogs and collecting outfit inspo on lookbook! I would really like to level up my wardrobe as well, been packing away/donating old clothes that I haven't worn since high school.

This bag is so cute! Simple and sturdy. The shorts are lovely as well, I saw them in store and the wash is so nice!! I've hardly worn shorts at all this "summer" because the weather hasn't been too good. I'd like at least one pair of high waisted shorts though because I think I only have 2 pairs of shorts in total and they're both low waist.

instax mini 8 instant camera / real techniques makeup brushes
I'm pretty sure that most people out there love the idea behind instant, physical proof of memories. (Strange way to put it, I know.) I'd love to have an instant camera... There's something so special about having an instant, in the moment photograph with only one copy!
I have the Core Collections set of the Real Techniques brushes, and they are amazing! I'd like to get some more but shipping is expensive and they only have a few sets here in Canada :[

ostrich nap pillow / herschel bird print backpack
Ok yeah I know, the nap pillow looks ridiculous. BUT GUYS THIS WOULD BE AMAZING!! I'd want one just so I could stick my head in it and ignore the world and nap and ugh it would be amazing. The top even has arm holes for if you decide to sleep on a desk or something! :D
Also yeah, another bag. I have a huge thing for bags! I saw a guy on the bus once with this bird print bag and it was really unique. Would really like it but it's really expensive and sold out almost everywhere. I don't need a new backpack since I have my sturdy swiss army backpack, but it would be nice to have a good quality one as more of a fashion bag!

black boots / yotsuba revoltech
everybody needs a pair of super cool black boots, yo. These are the Avery boots from Doc Martens, but I'm not particular on brand. Anything black that can match well with clothes and up the edginess vibe :] The flower pattern is nice though!
And I NEED THE YOTSUBA FIGURE!! I don't really collect figures any more because I can't afford it, but I do love revoltechs because they're easy to pose! She can sit and drink tea with my Professor Layton revoltech! :D The summer edition is really cute, but it's sold out (waaaa).

But yeah, hooray for wanting things that I don't need! Although I like to think that I need them... Window shopping it is then! Haha. Gotta save up for England!

What's on your wishlist? :]

Seeya soon! 


Centre Island

Hello lovelies!

Two weeks ago, I went to Centre Island with my parents! It's an island that's located right offshore from downtown Toronto. It is full of attractions - Centreville (small amusement park, mainly for small kids), restaurants, parks and beaches.

In order to get there, you need to take a ferry from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal (9 Queen's Quay West)! If you're walking from Union Station, just walk south along Bay Street to Queens Quay and you'll see it.

I was really happy because I've been working full time since I got back from SDCC and haven't really had a chance to go out on the weekend. The weather was beautiful which was great considering we've had a really crap summer so far, mostly cloudy days and rain.


[REVIEW] Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Heyo lovelies!

I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers. I mean, a lot. Name one, and I probably follow them. I like watching reviews and makeup tutorials and reading blog posts with lots of photographs! I've seen many of them raving about Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream as a sort of "holy grail" item. I was in Winners one day and saw they had a brand new box of it it on sale for $10! I decided to try it out.

 Hyappy is a wonderful model ;D
 I hadn't read any reviews or seen and videos about this item - just heard that it was a fantastic product. I didn't really have any idea about what the texture was going to be like - just thought that it was going to be another white potted cream. I was quite surprised to find that the cream is more like an orange gel. It applies quite thickly, and it is quite sticky.
I've been using it for a week now and I've definitely seen results! I've been experiencing a stupid heat rash on the inside of the elbow, with a big patch of dry skin. ;_; Within 2 applications (before bed), it was greatly reduced! Very moisturising! There are lots of different uses.
-Rubbing into cuticles;-Use as a face mask in the evening;- Remove tough makeup, like waterproof mascara;- On feet (such as hard or cracked heels);- Protects skin from drying, sun, wind, central heating and air-conditioning;- Apply around the nose if you have a cold;- Use as a highlight over makeup. On the lids, cheekbones and lips;- Use a tiny amount to tame frizzy hair;- As a lip balm for chapped lips;- Apply to very dry or chapped skin. Like the hands, elbows and knees;- Can be used on eyebrows to hold them in place;- May be used on abrasions, irritations, scrapes,burns and insect bites;- Can be used to banish blemishes;- Use to add a sheen to the legs.
I can see what all the hype is about. If you're looking for a product that does all of the above, look no further!

Thanks for reading, see you guys soon! 


[REVIEW] Pinkicon

A while ago, the new circle lens and wig store called Pinkicon contacted me, asking me if I'd like to review some products for them! They are a promising new store located in Hong Kong, and have a variety of items.

I received three different packages from them. They were sent by EMS and arrived within a few days. Communication was super fast, and I always got a reply within a day. Customer service was great.
The first package one contained two different pairs of circle lenses!
Starmish Brown are 14.5mm lenses. They are a fairly bold orange-brown/copper colour. The colour is quite striking! I love the look of this colour on my eyes since I've never really tried it before. Reminds me of cat eyes haha!

Dali Heart Brown are dark brown lenses that have a subtle heart pattern. I typically don't like darker brown lenses (because I'd rather have yellowish eyes hahaha) but these are quite nice. If you have dark brown eyes and want a big dolly enlargement, these would be ideal.

Magic Magic is a Japanese falsies brand. I've never heard of it before (Well, I'm not exactly up the biggest connoisseur of gyaru lashes), but the designs are really cute.

Magic Magic false eyelashes -- I was sent two different types. Not too sure about the names. The first one in the purple package sports more of a cat-eye style. Lashes are fairly natural but have more of an accent towards the ends. The lashes in the pink box are fairly natural but have smaller accents on both ends.

I prefer the cat-eye style!

The lash also came with lash glue. The glue was pretty weak and didn't stick very well. Bit of a miss for me. The cool thing about this though is that it's kind of a tinted color? Like, the glue itself is a white colour but looks kind of blue and purple from different lights/angles, if that makes sense.

The next package contained the wig. It's a pink-ash milk-tea brown color. This wig is soooo soft! It has some curls but the curls disappear once you brush it out, which is kind of sad. But man, the quality of this wig is lovely. It doesn't tangle at all! It's not the most flattering colour on me since I tend to rock the darker colours, but this was a nice change! The package came with a wig cap and brush. You can see how it looks on me in the video below :D

The last package was a wig stand. It came in three pieces - two main body pieces and a top ring. You cross the two body parts over and then secure the ring part along the top! This is great. It's light and easy to assemble. Definitely going to bring this with me to cons, since we usually never bring wig stands with us because they take up so much room.

I actually posted the review video a loonnnnggg time ago, but totally forgot about the blog post! Whoopsiiii~~

Anyway thanks for reading, seeya the day after tomorrow!


Niagara Falls trip

Hello everyone!

I found this photo set while cleaning out my computer... I think this was back in May... My parents decided that we were going to do a spontaneous Niagara Falls trip! Toronto is about a 2-2.5 hour drive  to Niagara Falls. We've been down there so many times (at least once a year for as long as I can remember), so we've already seen most of the touristy events. It was kinda just like a little get away from the big city. :D



Wow, another blog post?
Yup, I kinda want to try blogging every 2 days now! To make up for all the blog posts I should have been writing before. So on every odd numbered day in August, I'll do a blog post! :D

Also changed my layout a bit, what do you think? Less monochrome now!

Also apologizing in advance, all of these photos are from Instagram! I didn't bring my T3i with me on this trip because it was way to heavy and I didn't have room in my luggage. :< Vlog camera takes poor quality photos, so these will have to suffice~

Now continuing with the July recaps, I only had a week to rest + get my second cosplay ready for my next con.... San Diego Comic Con! Yessir, back to LA! (Honestly I've done more travelling this summer than I have within the past 5 years, haha) Geek and Sundry asked me if I'd like to go to SDCC as well, which of course resulted in more happy dances and rolling around on the floor/foaming at the mouth with excitement.



Hello everyone~

The month of July has been insane so far. I've been busier than I've ever been in my entire life so far! But it's awesome, I'm not going to complain or wish it was any other way. I don't have many high res photos so you'll have to do with some instagram photos, sorry!

(Wooo thanks G&S for choosing such a bad thumbnail :P Also fun fact: I filmed this vlog with a realllly high fever, I felt like I was dying on the inside haha! )


W2Beauty Review + Giveaway!

Hello lovelies!

A while ago, the lovely owner of w2beauty.com messaged me and asked me if I wanted to review some products! As you know, I'm a huge fan of Asian beauty products. Their store has a huge selection of korean beauty products, so it's really a one stop shop for all of your Asian cosmetic needs! :D  I picked out some things to review for you, as well as putting together a little makeup tutorial! I think I'll put all of my makeup content on my blog, since I think it feels a little out of place on my youtube page~

This is a champaign colored glitter liner. This is great for the inner corner of the eyes and lower lash line! I've seen this used in many ulzzang makeup tutorials It really brightens up the eyes. Very sparkly when it catches the light!

EXCUSE ME BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT PACKAGING? Oh my lorrrrddd this is probably one of the prettiest packages I've ever seen for makeup. (I might be biased because of the cats haha :3c) The case is so pretty!
 The blush itself is multi colored. There are white, violet, and light pink highlighting tones, in addition to peach, orange, and coral blush tones! So I guess this would bea highlighting/blush duo. The mixed colours results in a light, shimmery peachy shade. Such a pretty colour for spring/summer! I've been wearing it non-stop. Definitely my favourite blush so far!

I will be the first to admit that I need all the help I can get with my eyebrows. Due to my trich (pulling out eyebrow hairs when I get stressed,) my eyebrows don't look very nice. Luckily, these powders help me sort them out!
 There are three colours in this palette. A highlighting color, a medium brown and a dark brown. My eyebrows are dark, so I use the darkest colour. The kit comes with a spooley brush and a dual-head angled brush and soft shadow brush.

Again, HOW CUTE IS THIS PACKAGING? Western retailers, take a hint please~!! Another cat product (HAHA not done with them yet, there's one more ;] ) 

 This is a transulent powder. I've been in need for a new one because my Maybelline one is too dark for me at the moment (it's more of my 'summer' skin tone, when I've tanned a bit more.) Right now I'm working, and my face tends to get a little bit oily during the day, especially when I have to work 8 hour shifts *cry* This super cute powder pact has an embossed cat paw print! And the case is adorable. The powder has a light sweet scent which quickly fades away. Does an amazing job at oil control. Doesn't clog pores either!

Ahem. *insert fangirling about packaging.* This is a very nice lipstick! I'm totally obsessed with orangey/peach/coral lipsticks. It seems to be the only colour that works really well on my skin tone. Pinks look really strange on me, reds are okay, but oranges work really well! It's quite creamy, but settles in the dry cracks of your lips after a while so you'll have to reapply.

So.... Giveaway time! Win your favourite product out of the ones that I reviewed! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway ends on the 24th of July... I'll make a post a few days before reminding everyone again! :}

Also sorry for the lack of posts... I'm terribly busy at the moment, with juggling two jobs as well as trying to keep my youtube page active. I'll try to do a few posts and then schedule them so you guys have something to read. Please leave me a comment telling me what kind of posts you'd like to see and I'll try to do those asap!
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