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Emmy Altava - Cosplay Photoshoot @ Tiffany Falls

About two weeks ago, the photography team Reverie Creative Studios messaged me in regards to a collab photoshoot! They had never shot cosplay before and wanted to give it a go. They have some great work on their facebook page so agreed to work with them! I've never worked with them before, but they're based in Toronto (quite convenient :D)

Anyway, they wanted to try shooting my Emmy Altava cosplay at Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario. I was super excited because I wanted to re-enact some shots from Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva! Even some similar shots to the scenes in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. 
It is a beautiful location! Great for foresty shots. I want to find somebody to cosplay Slenderman so we can do slender shots haha!

Here are some photos:

"...What's this? Could this be another clue?.....A letter?"

(Context behind why I'm beating up a wolf - In the movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, puzzle 003 requires the Professor, Jenis, and Luke to escape from a pack of wolves in order to reach the castle. They trap themselves in a cage, pick it up, and use it as a shield as they carry it towards the castle!

You can watch that scene here: (starts about 3 minutes in.)

Although Emmy Altava isn't in this part of the movie, I have a feeling that she would just beat up those wolves and carry on. EMMY USED ROUNDHOUSE KICK! YEAH!
After we finished shooting at Tiffany Falls, the photographers decided that they also wanted to check out Webster Falls! It was actually on top of the Hamilton mountain, but the park that it was located in was gorgeous! The path leading down to the bottom of the falls was closed off, so we had to try other locations....

...Like right at the edge of the waterfall/cliff area! It was a huge drop so I was kind of spooked the entire time,  but the photos look really cool!I love the editing! ( `・∀・´)


It was a super fun shoot! I caught a cold after though so I'm currently suffering from a sore throat and sniffles.  ヽ(`⌒´)ノ

I also filmed a little vlog. The beginning is just me rambling about things as I wait for them to come pick me up! 


[REVIEW] GEO Tricolor Green + Violet

A little while ago, Shoppingholics sent me some lenses to review!

I always seem to review super huge dolly lenses, but this time I decided to take a look at some more natural looking lenses. I found the perfect ones when I tried on the lenses from the GEO Tricolor series! (♡˙︶˙♡)

Lenses arrived in these cute boxes~ It also included a very cute thank you card! The extra effort put into customer service really makes the difference. (´;ω;`)

 These are the green lenses. They come in the smallest size (14mm) and, as the name suggests, they have three colors - darker green outer ring, medium green body, and a light green/yellow inner ring! The design is pixelated up close, but appears to blend very well on the actual eye.

 Lenses on naked eye~ no makeup! Very natural coloring, blends in quite well with my brown eyes. Even without makeup, they look super natural. Picture taken in natural indoor lighting by a window.

In outdoor lighting! The green colors look a bit darker on brown eyes, but that adds to the more natural look.

 Now for the violet lenses! The colouring consists of a darker purple outer ring, medium purple in the middle, and a light purple/brown for the inner ring. It's not a super vibrant violet colour, so it can be suited for daily wear.

I didn't get an opportunity to upload a picture in natural lighting, but I'll be sure to update this post when I get it!

LOL ok I know my eyes look kind of scary, but here is a picture of both lenses taken in natural indoor lighting (by a window). I love the colors of these lenses so much!

Now a picture with heavier eye make up. Despite not being bigger in size, the dolly eye look is still very achievable! This is probably the most accurate portrayal of the color in everyday indoor lighting. Not too vibrant, but still gives off a great colour!

In general, these lenses remind me of regular colour contacts, but a little bigger in size (and probably a fraction of the price of prescribed ones!) These lenses are super comfortable, and only had to be rewetted with eyedrops once.

These are definitely my new favourite lenses! I want to try all of the colours now! (*゚▽゚)ノ Which ones are your favourite?

Also, you can find the violet lenses here, and the green ones here!

If you use THIS CODE, you'll get $2USD off your order! (*´∇`*)
DISCOUNT CODE: 1000161850 


And second year begins...

I can't believe today was the first day of second year. Where did my summer go? (I guess I can't really complain since classes finished in April, giving me almost 4 months of summer 'vacation'.)

Yesterday night I moved into my new room! Instead of living on residence, some friends and I decided to rent a house! We're living on the second and third floor of a house that is quite big!

Here are some room pics.

For some reason, my landlords thought it was a good idea to paint one of my walls bright orange. During the day (mainly in the sunlight) the color gets quite intense! But at night and in artificial lighting, it looks like a dull red color which is good I guess. I would've like to paint my room but my landlords said they had recently got the paint job done so I wasn't allowed. Not too much of a problem since I'll only be living here for 8 months.

The white walls are kind of dingy, so I'll have to paint them again this weekend.

Since my dad left for his business trip, he couldn't help me move my own bed over so I had to get a new one from Ikea. It's quite convenient as it folds up into a chair! This allows for more space, which was great when I was unpacking.

Big windows = great natural light for vlogging! 
The only downside is that if I vlog with the white walls as my background, I have a horrible orange glow from the wall across from me. I'll have to invest in some softboxes for better lighting and maybe a sheet to put against the wall. 

This is where my desk is located. I've got some prints on the wall as well as a little dry erase board. The left photo is where my figures and makeup are set up. I sit and do my makeup in the morning since there's good lighting and I can watch people walking on the street.

My mom and uncle are bringing over my set of drawers on Friday evening so my clothes are stored in boxes for now...

The room is bigger than what I'm normally used to which is great, I love the open space and the high ceilings. Should be useful for when I'm working on cosplay projects or if I have friends over!

We've been having some crap weather recently. It's currently in that awkward phase when summer is transitioning into fall, meaning hot flashes, thunder storms, and sudden cold periods. I'm hoping it gets cooler soon so I can bust out my fall wardrobe~!

Oh and before I forget, here are some photos of things I bought myself for my birthday! (I can't believe I'm 19 now... I turn 20 next year! Scary to think about... )

  Awesome new shoes from Spring, only $15! The little gems I find in the sales section~

And now I shall end this post with a picture of me looking quizzical. 


[REVIEW] Bison Cooling Mint Bath Salts

Back in February, I did a SASA haul! (I blogged about it in this previous post).

I wasn't up until about two weeks ago, on my birthday, that I used some of the bath salts! I like to save them for special occasions because I really like using them and don't order them too often. 

It was a very hot and sweaty day, so I decided to try out the cooling Bison bath salts. I've read various reviews on how they create a tingling and cooling sensation in the bath, so I was curious to experience that myself. 

Product description:
"Bison Mint Bath Additive allows you to easily enjoy a carbonic acid bath containing the element of germanium. It gives you a new cool experience that comes with crackling.Germanium, one of its ingredients, is hydrating. Besides, minerals from hot spring leave skin sleek.
The product also contains tightening and cooling ingredients, deodorizing ingredients and skin-smoothing ingredients."
The powder itself is a sky blue color and contains clear crystal chunks! This is what creates the 'popping' noises when you pour the powder into the bath!

The powder had a very strong mint scent. The scent reminded me a bit of toothpaste, haha! I liked it though.

In the first few minutes of getting in the bath, I really didn't feel any different. No tingling effect, just a very strong mint scented blue bath. I like my baths to be quite hot - I was sweating but didn't feel any of the salt's effects. However, a few minutes after, the 'cooling' effect kicked in.

It's a very strange feeling - my body that was in the water doesn't feel any different, but the part above water began to feel very minty! And I definitely felt the cooling effect! Helped me to cool down in a hot bath~ very refreshing!

Definitely recommend this bath salt for summer and hot weather! 



Wow, I can't believe it's already September! This year is flying by too quickly, I wish it would slow down~

On Saturday, the 25th of August, Ringo and I attended Fan Expo 2012! Considering the fact that we usually attend the full weekend of conventions, attending one day was a bit of a change! Fan Expo has been getting more and more expensive, so we could only really afford to attend for one day. (Saturday pass cost us $50 each ;_;) Next year we'll hopefully be able to apply for media passes!

As a very last minute decision, we cosplayed female scouts from Team Fortress 2. We are both big fans of the game, and I'm sure that wear scouts was the most fun we've ever had in cosplay.

I cosplayed a red team scout because red suits me better~ In the game however, I almost always play Blu team :D (I guess that makes me a traitor haha~ THAT RED SCOUT IS A SPY!)

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