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Smell like a Rose Garden~

As an early birthday present to myself, I decided to wander into LUSH! I love LUSH products. After reading a few great reviews for their solid perfumes from some bloggers that I follow, I decided to get one for myself!

I don't wear perfumes too often, but when I do, I like them to be light with floral notes. I have the Summer Hill hydrating body mist from Crabtree & Evelyn which I really like! I love rose scents but their Evelyn Rose scent only came in perfume form instead of body mist, which is a little too strong for my liking.

While trying out the solid perfumes in store, I came across Imogen Rose. (Here's the link on the website.) It was quite pricey at $15.95 for such a small size, but I decided to take a risk with this one.

This perfume uses real natural rose oils and does not contain any alcohols. It's a light sweet rose scent with a hint of baby powder to lighten it up. Those happen to be two of my favourite scents so I was instantly drawn to it. It is a very elegant perfume!

It lasted almost all day! It was smelling a bit faint at the end of the day, but the rose scent was still lingering.

Downside is the container is quite small, but it's easy to just keep in my bag in case I just want to smell like roses haha.

Have you tried any other solid perfumes?


Tako Sushi (AKA FOOD PORN)

Hello my darlings~

I'm here today with a super awesome food post! Last saturday, my parents and I went to Tako Sushi! Tako Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that was recommended to us by friends. We had a great experience during our first visit, so we decided to return for some more great food!

The memorable points of this restaurants consist of their great service, fresh food and cozy atmosphere! The prices on the menu are also very affordable for the amount of food that you receive. (You get a lot of food for your dollar~)

Instead of ordering just straight off the menu, we decided to try out the 'teppanyaki'. 

 Teppanyaki is when you are seated before a hot stove - a chef arrives and cooks your meal before your eyes! The food that you receive is super fresh and hot! 

I ordered the Teppan Fuji. It came with salad and miso soup!  

 It also came with a side of sushi! 

 The people beside us ordered a lobster dish. The chef brought in the raw meats and began cooking! It was fun to watch.



Rorona Frixell- cosplay @ otakon!

Hello darlings~

Got the first legit picture back from Otakon of my Rorona Frixell cosplay!

Photo by Anna Fischer!



(Posted this on my tumblr as proof so I can receive a refund on from paypal, so please don't mind the tumblr watermarks!)

Recently bought this NAKED2 eyeshadow palette from this eBay seller. When I received the package, I knew that something was wrong. The palette I received was clearly a counterfeit product. Here is the proof!

Comparison from the video to my actual product. 

1. The authentic Urban Decay eyeshadow comes in plastic packaging and always comes with a mini Urban Decay lipgloss. As you can see, the fake comes in regular paper packaging and no lipgloss.

2. The authentic NAKED2 comes in plastic packaging around the tin, and has no extra white space at the sides. This counterfeit NAKED2 has the white spaces.

3. The authentic NAKED2 has even eyeshadow pans, and does not have a mark in the middle of the tin. This replica has a middle mark. 

4. The authentic NAKED2 has smaller and brighter letters. The replica one has dull yellowish letters that are bigger.
5. In the real NAKED2, the "d" of 'Half Baked' aligns with the edge of the eyeshadow pan. In the fake, it goes past the pan. 

6. The fake NAKED2 has very sparse brushes, not thick and dense like that actual Urban Decay brushes. 

Also, the shadows here are really sunken in. Unlike the authentic Urban Decay shadows (which are filled to the top), this palette has 'sunken in' shadows which don't even fill the pan half way. It's just a thin strip of eyeshadow coating the pan.

I'm really hoping to get a refund because it's super sucky to have paid for a product that is a fake. I was really looking forward to my Urban Decay NAKED2...  :(

I even got this message from eBay warning me that it was a fake, but I had already paid for the product by the time I had received the email. 

So let this be a lesson to those buying makeup products off eBay! Even if the seller has good feedback, it's better not to risk it and get it off the official site or in store. 

Update: After sending the seller this review, they have agreed to refund my money only if I send back the product with its original packaging. Kind of a stupid agreement, since they're just going to put it back on the market to screw somebody else over.

Also if you're interested, check out this awesome giveaway!

Awesome prizes - click the picture to be taken to the post! :D


Recent GETS: Smashbox, Lioele, Skinfood and ARUPAKASO

Hi guys! I'm back with a proper blog post now!

I'm way behind on my product reviews, so I figured that I'd make a big post featuring some recent gets! Work has been booking me in for full time hours, therefore for the past few weeks I've been getting some nice pay cheques! I'm forcing myself to save 60% of each pay cheque for my exchange to the UK though. 

I bought these sometime between June and July! 

At the beginning of the month, I ran out of BB cream! I did quite a bit of researching before buying Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream from Cosmetic Love. I wanted a medium-full coverage bb cream that would feel lightweight on the skin. I decided on this BB cream after watching MissGlamorazzi's videos! (She's one of my favourite makeup gurus on youtube!) She's also half asian and I think we have similar skin tones - I find her tutorials actually suit my quite well!

This BB cream comes in a tube, but has a handy pump applicator.

It applies wonderfully - super smooth and full coverage can be achieved with just a pea sized amount! It also smells like jasmine and does not irritate my skin.

Here's a swatch on my wrist. It looks a bit darker, but the skin on my face is a bit darker and works great with my summer skin tone. This will probably be too dark for me in the winter though, so I'll have to find a paler BB cream! 

My skin is light with a yellow (and slightly pink) undertones. I recommend this for those who are interested! It's a great bb cream.

Also picked up the Skinfood salmon dark circle concealer! This was a bit of an impulse buy because I ran out of my Rimmel concealer and my dark circles were beginning to show through - a result of many late nights reading Fairy Tail. The packaging looks appealing! Very 'natural' themed, in a small glass pot.

(I had already used the product before taking the picture, ooooops) It's a very creamy concealer that hides dark circles very well.

It's more peach-toned than yellow-toned though. Since the concealer is so creamy, it doesn't set when applied. In order to set it, I just pat some light powder over the top! Despite the creaminess, it lasts all day and hides circles very well.

Before work, I picked up this coral blush from Smashbox! I was snooping around the makeup section in Winners and saw this pretty coral blush. I've never tried Smashbox products before and this blush was such a great price ($15!)  so I decided to try it out! 

The left half of the blush is matte, while the right side has subtle shimmer. When you swirl the two sides together, you get a lovely coral color with a slight shimmer! 

Isn't the color pretty? This is the result of a quick swirl with a mini blush brush on my wrist (without a primer.) I've been using this blush on days when I want a light coral glow on my cheeks!

I know it seems like I buy a lot of makeup, but I'm proud at the fact that I actually use them all! I know lots of people just hoard products and set them aside, but I feel like I've done a pretty good job at choosing things that I actually use. 

Finally, some non-makeup products.

Impulse bought a Galaxy King Cat print shirt on ebay. Someone on my instagram posted a picture of wearing it and I was knew I had to have it! NO REGRETS, this is the best shirt ever.

Also bought myself an alpaca at Otakon. I have a tradition where I usually buy one plush whenever I go to a big convention (since I don't really buy prints or anime merchandise.) I wanted to get a Totoro plush but I didn't see many in the dealers room! Which is the opposite from Canadian cons since Totoros are everywhere! Instead, there were Alpacas. I bought this sailor one!

I named him Hershel~ 

Welp, that's it for now. See you soon! 


Bad blogger!

Hi guys!

I'm such a terrible blogger! I originally started this blog with the idea in mind that I would post multiple times a week/month, but that clearly hasn't been happening! (Last year I did 5-10 posts a month, but in the past few months I've only been doing 2-3.... ) I do all posts for myself, as a sort of diary, but I've been slacking. I suppose I've been directing my energy towards my youtube channel (which has gained a sudden boost in viewers! Almost 5000+ in under three months)

I'll be blogging more in a few days once I get all of the Otakon vlogs up!
I also ordered quite a few things (mainly makeup), as well as some cosplay posts!

Please look forward to those! 

For now, here's a video that I was in! I'm at 1:45 in the pink hair (Rorona cosplay) with CourtoonXIII, Solo, Dejavudea, Genie, and Sami! Again at 2:00 as Emmy Altava from Professor Layton!

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