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Hi guys!

I'm currently in the process of preparing for Otakon!

I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITIED I AM FOR OTAKON!!! This is going to be my very first American US anime convention! I'll be travelling with Sami and Genie, as well as a few other friends from Toronto. Otakon is the second largest anime convention in the states (after Anime Expo!). It's in Baltimore which is fairly close. I think the drive will be about 10 hours or so! We'll be leaving for the States on the Wednesday!

I have so much left to do! Ringo isn't going to the con with us this year because she has some previously scheduled engagements that she can't skip out on, so we won't be able to do Atelier together until Fan Expo! Genie and I will be cosplaying Atelier at the convention! She's doing Atelier Meruru, and of course, I'll be doing older ver. Rorona! SO EXCITED TO GET SHOTS WITH HER!!!



Hello darlings! Hope everybody (who celebrated it) had a wonderful Canada day / 4th of July! This year my parents and I stayed overnight at the Hilton Hotel in Niagara on the lake.
We've been to the falls so many times so we didn't really do too many of the touristy things. We walked down to the falls and ate frozen chocobanana! It was delicious.

Before we returned home, we stopped off at the butterfly conservatory. For those of you who haven't visited this place before, I highly recommend going! The butterfly conservatory is basically a big room with tropical foliage and temperature, filled with butterflies! You can walk in and take photos. Butterflies might even land on you! (They also have a habit of flying into you/your face, wahaha.)

Of course I took this opportunity to take some photos with my dslr! Butterflies love the attention so they were great models for my photos.


Some people were afraid inside. Unlike other bugs, butterflies are completely harmless. Some kids were freaking out because they might look a bit scary up close, but if they land on you its usually because they want to lick the salt off your skin.

This one was really pretty but unlike the other butterflies, it had a really long body... I've got a phobia of dragonflies (HATE THEMMM UGHGDFJKGHDFGK) and this one kinda reminded me of one so I made sure to keep a very big distance between them lol.

Sorry for such the delay in posts! My domain is about to expire so I need to figure out how to extend it....?
I think I'll keep cherrim.net as my domain, so don't worry about a URL change!

Seeya later!
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