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Christmas Eve!

Hallo darlings!

Every year, my parents and I go downtown Toronto to eat at Marché (previously named Richtree). This year was a bit different because I was working on Christmas Eve.  My boss was nice enough to let me off early because she knew something was different about me! I normally wear very minimal makeup at work so when I actually made the effort to look nice, everybody noticed hahaha :D

We took the subway to King station (one stop from Union.)


Music Favourites 1

By the time this post goes up, I'll be working a 2:30-10:30 shift. Now that I'm done classes, I have to work to save up for my exchange next year. So no break for me :(

Anyway, I want to share some of my favourite songs as of recently!

- breezeblocks by alt-j
- virus by m4sonic
- electric feel by mgmt
- every note pt 2 by mystery skulls
- pop danthology


So, you want to start cosplaying!

Hello everyone! This is actually a really outdated post, hence the old water marks. I wrote this last year but forgot about this post in my drafts, so I figured I may as well publish it!

I'd like to start this new blog series! I tend to get quite a few emails asking me about my cosplays or advice on how to start cosplaying, which is quite flattering because I never really expected people to ask me about it! But since this is also a cosplay blog, I figured I'd try to do more cosplay related posts!

Here are just some examples of the cosplays that I've done in the past. As you can see, I'm not a professional cosplayer or anything. I just love doing it. I love working on projects and getting to play dressup... in an extreme way. I've found that cosplay has helped me become more confident (I used to be really shy around people, and sometimes still am,) and it's helped me make lots of really good friends! (Some of my best friends are people I've met through cosplay!)


Christmas Wishlist 2012

It's almost time for Christmas! I know I've been eyeing a few things within the past week.
I've been doing some of my Christmas shopping for friends and family, which doesn't really leave much left over for myself haha.... But it's always nice to wish for things, right?

Here is my wishlist for this year.
xmas wishlist 2012


Christmas Shopping @ Eatons

Yesterday, I met up with Sami to do our annual Christmas shopping trip at Eatons Centre! We've been doing it for the past two years. We usually do it before DTAC, but since we're not going to that any more + exams, we decided to do it a bit earlier on in the month.

First we stopped off at the food court to get some food! Eatons has really renovated their food court area, so it looks super modern now. They have a lot of healthy options for food, which is great. We decided to eat at a Chinese place. 
 The serving was huge! It was good though, although it was quite salty. When I was ordering it, the lady asked if I wanted spice and I said no... but it was spicy anyway... v__v /sigh
 Eatons had some really pretty Christmas decorations up! Throughout the mall, they put up giant reindeer!

It's nice being able to go out and do girly things once it a while, since I feel like I'm trapped at university. (The city that my university is in is really boring, and there really isn't much to do.) I also hardly ever get to see Sami since we live pretty far apart during the school year. 
I did most of my Christmas shopping at Crabtree & Evelyn, and H&M. Bought myself some cool holographic print shoes, I'll show those in my next post. I'm actually shit broke now though, won't have any money until I start working again during the Christmas break... wehhhhh

 It was also a nice destresser before exams start! First one is this Friday, wish me luck! :(

Oh, I'm also doing Vlogmas! Here's my most recent video! 


Everyday Beauty Essentials

I've really been loving these products recently, so I thought I would make a post on the beauty/skin products that I'm currently using.
 My holy grail item - the NAKED Palette (Urban Decay). I use it almost every day, whether it's for a darker eye, or just for a sheer shimmery wash across the lids. I first discovered it through various Youtube Makeup gurus who were raving about it, but didn't actually try it out until Sami let me see hers at Otakon! I love it, totally worth the money! Sometimes I use darkhorse and smog as liners if I want something softer than liquid liner.
 Fresh's SUGAR lip products. I use all of them because they are so wearable! Swatched them here. I use Rose the most because I like it the best, although I have been using the clear lip treatment (dark red tube) and patting some peach blush over the top to get a nice matte peachy lip.
 I've actually taken these pictures a while ago, so I've actually switched out my Maybeline Dream Matte Powder (in Sand) to my Luview Pressed Powder Compact because my skin is getting lighter for winter.
 Also using Imogen Rose solid perfume from LUSH quite often for a lovely rose scent. Right - my makeup bag!
Top is my Lioele Eyeshadow Trio - mainly use it for the shimmy champagne shade as an inner corner highlight. Whenever I use contact lenses, or if I have red eyes in the morning, I use my Rohto Lycee eye drops. (Love them!) As for liquid liners, I use Dolly Wink and Maybelline's Lash Stiletto. I use Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion to prime my eyeshadow, but I only use it if I'm going out/want the shadows to last for long periods of time. Top is my Skinfood Dark Circle Salmon eye concealer, it's got quite heavy coverage and hides my eyebags (no sleep in university, cry). Finally, a black kohl eyeliner pen (not sure about the brand, it rubbed off.)
 Maybelline's Megaplush Volum' Express Mascara. It's great for lengthening. Doesn't really volumize, but creates nice fluttery eyelashes!
These St.Ives Fresh Skin cleansing cloths do a great job of removing face oil and makeup, but aren't too drying! Also decided to try out Pond's dry skin cream as the change in weather is really drying out the skin on my face. It's probably the best cream I've tried out so far, super moisturising! Definitely recommend it! (It's pretty cheap too, I think it was like $7 at Shoppers Drug Mart)

What are your favourite everyday beauty items? :D




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Abandoned Textiles Factory

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to explore an abandoned textiles factory as part of a design project. Our major assignment was to explore an area and document different elements of design. Later on, we'll have to create artistic pieces inspired by these elements of design. I went with my design professor to explore this abandoned factory, known as the Cannon Knitting Mill.

Here are some of the photos that I took!

It was a very interesting experience since I've never actually explored an abandoned building before. The last time I explored an abandoned house was back in grade 12 when my group communications technologies class made a documentary on ghosts. (It was a huge house in a very rich area that was abandoned and boarded up, so we did some ghost hunting, it was awesome!).

It was good photography practice, although I was just taking quick shots on automatic mode since my battery was dying. (Stupid me forgot to charge my battery........orz) I'd love to try shooting in places like these again, especially with proper lenses and not my kit lens! :D


[REVIEW] AngelContacts Circle Lens

Hello darlings! I'm back with a circle lens review. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few more of these up soon!
I get loads of questions about what lenses I wear in my videos/photos, as well as where I get them. The lovely people at AngelContacts let me choose two pairs of lenses to review! I chose GEO Fresh Brown and Nudy Blue.

Communication was extremely fast - I would receive a reply to my emails within one day - sometimes on the same day! They really value customer service, which adds onto the pleasant shopping experience.
In terms of packaging, AngelContacts has probably been the best I've seen so far! My package arrived in a bubble-wrap envelope. Contacts were packaged in these little plastic cases, with business cards inside. They also included a little booklet showcasing the different designs, which I have never seen a circle lens store do!
GEO FRESH BROWN - Recently, I've been looking more at lenses that would be suitable for every day wear. I feel like 14.5mm/15mm lenses look a little too surreal for daily wear at school. I don't wear lenses very often at school, only on days that I want to look extra nice, or for special events. I was searching for a natural brown coloured lens that would enlarge my eyes and help to achieve a dolly eye effect! The fresh series caught my eye - it has a very natural design with subtle enlargement.

These are probably my favourite natural lens so far! The design actually reminds me a lot of my favourite lenses! My 'signature' circle lenses, aka GEO Cafe Mimi lenses in Latte brown, are a little too big/alien for regular daily wear, so these are a great alternative.

Next, I decided to check out GEO NUDY BLUE. I've tried the Nudy series before, but I have to say, the blue color is definitely my favourite. (Review for green and violet).
In natural and artificial lighting, these lenses tend to appear as a turquoise color! I love this effect. 
Nudy lenses are famous for giving a 'sparkly' eye look, and are great for blending into one's natural eye color. They stand out nicely on dark/medium brown eyes. I'm sure they would look great on light eyes as well!
All in all, I love these lenses! Especially in love with the Nudy blue lenses because they are the most flattering blue lenses that I've tried so far! Despite being 14mm (same size as the brown ones), they give me more of a 'dolly eye' look. I think I'll use these for my Hilda cosplay when we have photoshoots!

If any of these lenses caught your eye, head on over to Angel Contacts!


[REVIEW] LUSH - Sakura Bath Bomb

Went to LUSH last weekend to pick up a relaxing bath bomb~ The bath/shower in my current house is kind of gross therefore I refuse to have a bath in it, only showers. Since I was going home for the weekend and had just finished a wave of projects, I wanted to sit down and relax! (You guys know how much I love my bath salts hahaha!)

Picked up the Sakura Bath Bomb ($6.45).
When the blossoms burst forth in spring, it’s a tradition to take a picnic and bottle of sake and enjoy the beauty. Noriko, one of our product inventors, hails from Japan and this beautiful Bath Bomb represents what it’s like to be in a park while the breeze blows through the blossoms in the trees. Instead of heading to the park, lay back in serene waters while the gorgeous scents of mimosa and jasmine envelop you to give you the joyful feeling of springtime. Sakura: simple, elegant, and enduringly beautiful bathing. - LUSH website

The smell was quite nice, but that's about I really have to say about this. Not really sure what I was expecting with this, but I didn't feel anything extra for my skin. The smell didn't last too long, and no water effects (thickening, heating, etc) like my bison bath salts. To be honest I felt kind of bad because in my opinion $6.45 is quite expensive for a bath bomb. The only once that I've tried so far and loved was Pheonix Rising

Hopefully one day, I'll be able to try out the other products, such as the masks, shower gels etc. I have Lush solid perfume (Imogen Rose), and previously used their solid shampoo bars! I might stay away from the bath bombs for a while though... I'll stick to my bison salts :D


Youmacon 2012

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating in forever. I'll try to update more frequently! I'll be uploading a few reviews within the next two weeks so please look forward to those.

Last weekend, I attended Youmacon in Michigan, Detroit with Sami and Genie! This was our first time travelling by ourselves (just the 3 of us, without our usual group of friends.) I slept over at Sami's house the night before, which was really nice because it was the first time in forever that I actually got to spend some girly time with her ;_;



I'm supposed to be studying for my public relations midterm tomorrow but I'm too distracted at the moment, therefore blog post!

(note the pain in my eyes, THANKS MIDTERMS.)

I really hate the fact that I haven't been able to blog very often, but the workload of second year is probably double the amount of first year! So many assignments due, and the sucky thing is that they are usually due in clusters. (5 assignments due within one week, with almost nothing due for a week, then another cluster, etc.)

In two weeks, Moetron and I will be attending Youmacon! This will be our second American convention. I'll be leaving on the Thursday for Sami's dorm (she's currently located in downtown Toronto for school, so I'm sleeping over since it's closer to the bus terminal.) We'll be taking the bus early in the morning and we'll be arriving sometime in the afternoon. Hooray for 6 hour bus rides! At least this one won't be as bad as the ride to Otakon (11 hours ughhhh.)

Genie will be selling artwork as usual, but Sami and I will be playing reporters that weekend! We'll be getting media passes on behalf of Crunchyroll, so we're hoping to do a....casual? documentary style con report type of video. Interviewing cosplayers, tour of the building, exploring artist alley, talking to special guests etc. I'm really looking forward to it! It'll be a different, but relaxing change of pace since we won't be wearing intense cosplays. My costume lineup consists of Listen! Mio, Matryoshka Meiko, and probably my cat kigurumi to derp around in.

I'm hoping to blog some more! I want to sort out my layout and change it up a bit, but I haven't had the time. Would somebody like to make a blog layout for me? Wehh ;__;

Hope you guys are having a great day!


Lip tint tint tint stick

I'm super tired today but I feel terrible for not updating my blog, so here's a spontaneous review post!

 This past weekend, a family friend came over and brought me some goodies! Aaaaa lovely lovely things!

First, lip tints! These lip tints are by fresh, part of their Sugar Lip Treatments! Sephora is currently offering miniature versions of Rose and the clear treatments as part of their Beauty Insider birthday gift program! I picked up the mini versions for my birthday in August and have been in love with them ever since. Luckily, I received the full size versions of Honey and Coral! Also received a lipstick from Make Up Forever in the shade N34.

Coral is a bright coral - red orange tint. Although it is a tint, the color is quite opaque and glossy. Coral is a lip treatment, therefore it moisturises, conditions, and repairs the skin on your lips! while providing a nice pop of colour! Lasts fairly long, although the color tends to fade to the edges making it look like you're wearing lip liner. Fine on reapplication though.
Honey is a toned down brown/nude pink. Probably the most wearable, toned down colour of the three. Applies semi-sheer. Like Coral, it is a tinted lip treatment. I've been wearing this color the most out of the three.
N34 is a cool-toned medium pink color. Not as glossy as the others, but then again, it's a lip stick.

Swatches on my arm. Since I haven't done swatches of the mini Sugar duo from Sephora, I thought I'd toss them in here.

Hahaha not too sure why I swatched a clear balm, but there you go. Rose is my favourite because it gives a nice wash of color. The formula isn't sticky either, and is super moisturizing.

Definitely in love with these sugar tints! Which is your favourite color?


Emmy Altava - Cosplay Photoshoot @ Tiffany Falls

About two weeks ago, the photography team Reverie Creative Studios messaged me in regards to a collab photoshoot! They had never shot cosplay before and wanted to give it a go. They have some great work on their facebook page so agreed to work with them! I've never worked with them before, but they're based in Toronto (quite convenient :D)

Anyway, they wanted to try shooting my Emmy Altava cosplay at Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario. I was super excited because I wanted to re-enact some shots from Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva! Even some similar shots to the scenes in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. 
It is a beautiful location! Great for foresty shots. I want to find somebody to cosplay Slenderman so we can do slender shots haha!

Here are some photos:

"...What's this? Could this be another clue?.....A letter?"

(Context behind why I'm beating up a wolf - In the movie, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, puzzle 003 requires the Professor, Jenis, and Luke to escape from a pack of wolves in order to reach the castle. They trap themselves in a cage, pick it up, and use it as a shield as they carry it towards the castle!

You can watch that scene here: (starts about 3 minutes in.)

Although Emmy Altava isn't in this part of the movie, I have a feeling that she would just beat up those wolves and carry on. EMMY USED ROUNDHOUSE KICK! YEAH!
After we finished shooting at Tiffany Falls, the photographers decided that they also wanted to check out Webster Falls! It was actually on top of the Hamilton mountain, but the park that it was located in was gorgeous! The path leading down to the bottom of the falls was closed off, so we had to try other locations....

...Like right at the edge of the waterfall/cliff area! It was a huge drop so I was kind of spooked the entire time,  but the photos look really cool!I love the editing! ( `・∀・´)


It was a super fun shoot! I caught a cold after though so I'm currently suffering from a sore throat and sniffles.  ヽ(`⌒´)ノ

I also filmed a little vlog. The beginning is just me rambling about things as I wait for them to come pick me up! 
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