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Akiyama Mio cosplay + Studio Photos

Here are some photos from the High Park cosplay event on the 15th of October.
The weather was cold and miserable so we ended up going to a friend's office studio instead to get photos!

 Joanna made the guitars... they're amazing! She's such a talented cosplayer!
"Elizabeth" (the name of Mio's bass) is made from styrofoam board coated with Modge Podge, craft foam, various knobs and screws, wire, and paint!
This is also my favourite photo haha <3

Click 'read more' to see more of the photos~ 


Maid Cafe + Toronto trip!

Hello darlings! (・∀・)

Before I start, can you guys check something for me? When I try to click the [Follow via Google Friend Connect] button in the top right corner, I'm getting a "We're sorry... We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later." message. Are you guys getting this as well? I just need to know in case the link is broken so I can fix it. (・ε・)

Anyway, last Wednesday I attended my university's Japanese Association's maid cafe! I think it was for some charity thing.. I was still really excited to go though because I have never been to a maid cafe! (Basically a small cafe set up in which girls cosplaying in maid outfits serve you food and play games, take pictures...super cute!) (・ω・)/ I've seen them at conventions like Anime North and they look really fun so I decided to go with my friends Michael and Tim. (None of my girlfriends here wanted to go because they're not into anime/cosplay. ) (ノ_・。)

The weather was horrible that night - very rainy/dark/windy. Luckily the building that the cafe was held in was down the street from my residence.


[REVIEW] DollyEye BarbieDoll Grey Circle Lenses + Rimmel Lash Flirt Mascara

Hello everyone!

I know I seem to be a bit slow on posts lately, please forgive me!  I know somebody asked me to write a post on university life here so I'll try to have that up as soon as possible. For now, I'll try to do some shorter update posts or review posts!

Today I'll be reviewing two products - a pair of circle lenses and some mascara!

I got a pair of grey lenses from uniqso.com! Specifically, the 'Dolly Eye BarbieDoll Grey lenses'.
They sell for $17.90 USD which is pretty cheap for lenses! Uniqso sells different lens brands that aren't as well know, but there are still some super awesome designs!

UNIQSO:Dolly Eye Barbiedoll Grey
The image on the website shows the lenses t have a tornado design! I think this is very striking, and has a very nice design. Take into consideration that the lenses are on a model with blue eyes, hence the blending looks better.

Here is what the lenses looked like in the case. The arrived in a small cute box and the vials were wrapped in bubble wrap!

The lenses themselves are 14mm and have a water content of  42%! These lenses did not dry out after 6 hours of wear! They feature a tornado/swirly design.

First picture is without circle lenses, and the second picture is with the lens in! As you can see, they enlarge quite a bit despite being only 14mm! 

This is what the lenses look like on my eyes! The lenses don't blend very well into my natural eye colour because they are brown, but I still think they look quite nice!

Had to throw out my old mascaras (Maybelline Colossal Volume and Lash Stiletto) since I've had them for a while. I decided to pick up a new one today! I remember Sami saying something about Glam Eyes mascara being good so I decided to check it out! I was looking for length opposed to volume since my eyelashes are a bit short! This mascara promises length and blacker pigments.

I didn't put any mascara in the front part of my eyelashes to show my natural lash length. It actually worked really well to extend my lash length! 

Mascara and circle lenses!

I definitely recommend both of these! The lenses are suitable for cosplay (I use the grey lenses for my Mio cosplay)! They're more of a darker grey - if you want a lighter grey lens, you might want to go with GEO Nudy Grey or EOS Pure Grey!

Finally, I will leave you with a picture that was taken at yesterday's cosplay event! I cosplayed Akiyama Mio, uniform version. The lovely Joanna (AKA the cute Utane Piko cosplayer from Fan Expo) made the guitars for us! So talented! She even gave me the bass because she's going back to Indonesia soon (she's an exchange student)! She's such a super talented cosplayer, I wish one day I'll be able to be at her level! I'll be make sure to take lots of pictures with it when I do my future Mio cosplays! <3

I'll upload more of the photoshoot pictures when I get them! 


Style Change



New Circle Lenses + Headphones + Uni Life Update~

Hello darlings!

Sorry for the long gap between updates! University life has been pretty busy so far... so many classes and readings and assignments to do sob. ヽ(;´Д`)ノ I originally made this blog to be a cosplay blog but since school has started I haven't had the chance to work on any projects! Depressing! I'll try to blog more about my daily life though even though there's not much to blog about...(・_・;)

Anyway, my parents came to visit me today! My dad brought my circle lenses and headphones that I ordered over!

I bought 14.2mm Hyper Brown lenses from TheDollyEye as they are having a promotion! Some lenses are $15, free shipping! This is a pretty great price for lenses since shipping is free! (/ω\)

Here's a mini review! I'll try updating this later with a proper review once I can use my dad's camera which has the awesome macro settings.

They have a very simple design, which was what I was looking for. I wanted these lenses as a regular type that I could wear to class or just on that extra day I wanted dolly eyes without being too attention-drawing. They aren't big either, they just have some slight enlargement which was what I wanted! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ


I like how well they blend in with my natural eye colour! My natural eye colour is a weird brown/orange colour with gray along the rims, and this colour is a brown/chestnut colour. I think they go well together!
( ´艸`)
I wish my bottom lashes  were longer though. I don't wear mascara that often at school because I always seem to wake up with panda eyes. (I take it all off as well, I don't understand ;_;)

These lenses are pretty comfortable as well, wore them for a few hours today and they didn't feel drying at all.

The only issue I had with this store is that the packaging was pretty crap, the lenses were wrapped in random newspaper and it didn't come with a lens case. ((゚m゚;) Luckily I had an extra~! Took two weeks to arrive after ordering.

Next, headphones!

Ordered a pair of WESC Chocolate Oboe headphones off eBay! I love them! (●´ω`●)ゞ The sound is really good in my opinion. Wanted colourful ones but then was having a hard time thinking of ways to match them to my clothes. Didn't like the plain black or white ones, so settled for Chocolate brown! The brown + gold is a nice combo imo~ Haha so many brown things ordered!

  Was playing around with fimo slices that I also ordered off eBay. I love these fruity ones! They came pre-sliced so I just stuck them on with some clear polish. Took this pic a right after I painted them, that's why they look a bit messy~ (ノ゚⊿゚)ノ

Some pretty sunsets from this week! It's been quite gray and rainy outside though, at least the sunsets were pretty. My dorm has a pretty good view I think.  (ノ´▽`)ノ

Also first university paper is due this week! It's for cultural studies. I'm actually quite nervous as it's my first university paper... Even though it's only 500 words I'm coming across some trouble! ( ´(ェ)`) It's an analysis paper, and I find myself wanting to write more than the limit. I tried writing as much as I needed first and then trying to cut it down after when revising, but I don't feel as though I'm conveying what I want to say as well as I could... It's due on Monday, so I'm going to go over it once more tomorrow and try fixing it up. Hopefully it's good enough... (´□`。)

University is stressful! ):
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