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Pretty Makeup ♥ and Meiko Progress~

Hello everybody! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

(in case you're wondering, no I did not cut my hair! This is progress for my Meiko wig, which you'll see at the end of the post. (°∀°)b )

So guess what arrived in the mail the other day? My stuff from liliesshop.net! Super excited to receive these products because they looked really good on the website!

I'll be reviewing two of the things I received today!

{ { Before I start, liliesshop.net is an online cosmetics shop based in BC, Canada. Shipping took about a week and a half because of the postal strike to arrive in Toronto, and the items were sent through expedited mail with a tracking number. Items arrived in a bubblewrap padded envelope! } }

First thing I will be reviewing is this base powder~ Lioele Sun Elastic Powder Pact #21 - Nude Beige.

Product description:

I really like my base makeup haha! I think a good base helps to make the skin look beautiful and pure~ ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ  So this pact immediately appealed to me. (This powder and my Kiss Me Heroine powder, which I will review later, are my favourite things ever ♥)

Beautiful pink packaging!

Isn't this cute? The packaging for this definitely reminds me of a princessy theme! ♥ ~ (´0ノ`*) Despite being a little chunky compared to other powder cases, it makes up for being super super cute!

The inside of the pact. It has a mirror, as well as a super soft puff pad thing. Like, it's supersupersuper soft, almost as soft as my Kiss Me Heroine powder pad!

Lift up the pad and you'll see that there is a pad separator! I love this feature, keeps the powder set and makes sure the powder doesn't go loose everywhere! (*^ー^)ノ

The powder has great coverage! I was able to just use this powder and it covered up redness on my face due to the heat. It also has a medium strength floral scent which lasts for a few minutes and then fades away. I found it to be quite pleasant because I'd suddenly catch whiffs of a nice floral scent suddenly!  (・∀・)/

It also gives you a matte finish, works great if your face gets a little oily/sweaty so you can just use a bit and the shine is gone! It also brightens your complexion.

You can find the product HERE.  All the reviews done so far are really high, I'd give this 5/5!  (☆。☆)

Here I'm wearing the powder, my GEO Cafe Latte circle lenses (my new favourites!) and the copper eye shadow which I will be reviewing next! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

More pictures + review under the cut!


[Review] Cafe Latte circle lenses!

Hello darlings~

Is it hot where you are? Right now it's about 40°C (100°F) in Toronto right now...sweltering hot! (。>0<。) Worst part is that we don't have any air conditioning - it broke last year and my dad is too cheap to get it fixed....orz 

Anyway I went to the mall to take advantage of their AC, was originally going to watch Horrible Bosses but my free movie ticket was only valid for a theater chain which was across the street. I'll go watch Xmen there tomorrow because Horrible Bosses isn't playing!

The highlight of my morning was probably when my Cafe Latte lenses arrived! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ I got them from circlelens2u.com. They are a online circle lens store that sells a huge range of lenses, and they're based in Malaysia. Shipping took a week, which is pretty fast, taken to consideration as Canada Post is still suffering a backup of packages that still need to be delivered. About a month ago Canada Post went on strike and no mail was being delivered, so they're still in the process of delivering all of the packages. If there wasn't this backup, I bet these lenses would've arrived even faster! (TωT)

Lenses arrived wrapped in bubble wrap! I think this is great, as it protects the bottles and makes sure that they don't get damaged during arrival. ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ
The lenses did not come with a lens case though, so make sure you have one handy! Luckily I had extras.

Authentic GEO lenses sticker on the side of the bottle. You can go on the GEO website and put in the code to make sure they're real GEO lenses! Which they are, haha~ (^人^)

Here are the details about the lenses!
Name: Cafe Latte - part of the Princess Mimi or Bambi lenses created by Tsubasa Masuwaka!
Brand: GEO
Size: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Usage: 1 year
Cost: 14.90 SGD for one lens. This is about $11.60 CAD. It seems confusing but the price is for one lens only, you need to buy two. Therefore the cost is about $23.20, which is still a good price for the lenses! (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

This is what the lens looks like in the solution!
I love the latte designs! Instantly knew I had to have these lenses, despite them being 15mm (which I think makes me look kind of alien haha.)

This is a breakdown of the colours. (I realize the right lens is inside out, it's to give to an idea of what they look like from the front.) ☆(^ε^)

Cafe Latte lenses are 15mm lenses. The base is a light gold-brown. There are flecks of a gold colour, with darker brown flecks. Mimics a latte design.

Yum yum latte!

Now, here's a close up of the lenses being worn.

No makeup being worn. The lenses look big on my eyes. In my opinion, they blend in really well with my eye colour! makes them a lighter brown but then fades naturally into my natural eye colour. (°∀°)b 

More pics / review after the cut!


Playful Kiss / 장난스런 키스

Hey guys!

I just wanted do a quick post about a new drama that I'm watching!
It's a korean drama called Playful Kiss, or 장난스런 키스. It's based on the manga "Itazura Na Kiss", or Itakiss for short! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Description: Playful Kiss is about a popular and genius male student named Baek Sueng-jo who has a stand-offish personality and Oh Hani who is a female student who makes up for being not-so-genius by always being smiling and happy. An earthquake destroys the girl's home and she and her dad end up living with the boy's family. The girl has kept this boy in her heart but she has never received any assurances of her love being reciprocated. Fun and groans ensue as they interact and rub off on each other. How will this drama end? - Drama Crazy

It's really really cute. I always love the stories about a stupid / derpy girl who falls in love with a really handsome and smart guy! (ノω・、) There's always something that makes me go KYAA~ when he ends up returning her love haha!

It's a really sweet love story. I'm currently on episode 3~ so cute, it follow's the Itakiss anime storyline really well. I originally found out about this drama from a post on my tumblr dashboard! It looked adorable so I checked it out and wasn't disappointed!

This is kind of a pointless post, but it's really good so far, and I recommend it for people who like the romance/school type dramas~
If anybody has any recommendations for similar type dramas, please recommend some for me! I've got lots of free time this summer LOL. (`・ω・´)ゞ Currently waiting for the Ouran drama's sub to come out! Does anybody know if it's come out yet?

That's it for now, circle lenses post coming up soon!


Meiko Cosplay Progress

Hi everybody!

Today hasn't really been the best of days- it's been hot and I've taken down a load of my previous blogposts because somebody feels the urge to start attacking me on cgl... Not such a great feeling. (#`ε´#) Anyway, I'll be quickly updating you guys on my cosplay progress on Meiko, Synchronicity version. (Since this is a cosplay blog as well haha!)

Before I start, I mainly used this tutorial as a reference! I changed some of the parts, but it's a really good guide for people who want to make armour for their cosplays and can't afford/don't have access/don't want to use materials like Wonderflex, Sintra...etc.

Finished my leg armour for Meiko! Hopefully it lasts for the convention haha, still weary about craft foam armor. I'll re-enforce the backs with more fabric later! ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ



Hello darlings~

I've been meaning to post these reviews for a while now, but the hot summer weather got the best of me and make me procrastinate too much! (。・ε・。)

The two BB creams that I will be reviewing are:
- Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream
- Skin79 Super BB Cream + Triple Functions

For those of you who don't know what BB cream is:
"It is said that the formula comes from Germany where dermatologists prescribe it to heal laser skin surgery because it has soothing and skin-regenerating properties. Famous South Korean actresses then began using it for beauty purposes and since Asian dramas are huge all over, a craze was born. The trend that started in Korea first spread to Japan then to South East Asia and is now quickly making its way to Europe and the USA."  - Squidoo

Basically, it's a type of base makeup that is lighter than foundation, but also has magic in it that makes your skin 'better'. 

After I started using it, I decided that I love BB cream! (-^□^-) The makeup at the drug store never really suited my skin colour - it was either too pale or two orange! BB cream shades suit my skin very well.

The first is Skin79's Oriental Gold BB Cream. I bought it from this ebay seller, who sells genuine products. Watch out when you buy BB cream online because there are lots of fakes! So it's best to buy from a trusted seller like Bellogirl

I've heard mixed reviews about this BB cream, but I love it! It's a bit of a heavier BB cream - great coverage and layerable if you have red spots. (°∀°)b  No need to use too much though because it can get cakey pretty fast. It gives you a dewy look, which isn't always what people want. Coverage lasts for a pretty good time - it looks great for about 3-4 hours, after that you might have to touch up with some powder.

Also comes with a lip/cheek tint, which I don't use. The colour is a bit bright on my lips/cheeks, but it's great for people who like the bright look I guess! Not really my thing haha. (ノω・、)

Second BB Cream is Skin79's Super BB Cream + Triple Function. It's supposed to offer the effects of whitening, wrinkle improvement, and ultraviolet rays interception. I bought this in an Asian beauty store in Quebec, but you can easily find this online. Again, make sure the seller is legit. (・・ ;)

This is a comparison of the different pumps! Oriental Gold has a pump that makes the cream come up from the centre. It's good for if you put too much pressure on a too much cream comes out, you can easily just smear bits onto your face a bit at a time. However it's less sanitary - you need to make sure you constantly clean the top. 
Super BB cream has an opening that opens off to the side. More sanitary, but if you push too hard and get too much cream, you're awkwardly stuck there with too much cream on your finger LOL. 

I actually like Oriental Gold's pump more, probably because I'm more used to it haha.

Here's the comparison on my wrist! These BB cream shades suit my skin so much more than regular foundation!

They both also blend perfectly! ヽ(*'0'*)ツ

Overall, I love BB Cream. It's light and covers well, and it doesn't feel too cakey or heavy on my face!
If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability :D


Ottawa (Day 5) + Cosplay Progress!

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating in a while. It's been really hot here and I've lost all motivation haha! orz 

Anyway, I'll be continuing my report on my Ottawa trip! This post will be about Canada Day (July 1)

The main reason of why we drove up to Montreal/Quebec was to catch a glimpse of the royals!  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Princess Kate) made their first official trip as a newlywed couple to Canada! Which was super exciting since my family is a fan of the royals! Naturally, we had to go see them! 

Woke up at 8AM, left for Parliament Hill at 9AM. There were already so many people! They had fenced off this one area which my mom and I jumped over LOL, NO FENCE IS GOING TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM ROYALS.   Dad said he'd stay behind because he couldn't jump the fence/too old or something. So my mom and I went ahead. She was bitching about how I took too long to get ready and how we didn't have a good seat BLAH BLAH BLAH.

So many people!


Ottawa (Day 4) - HAPPY CANADA DAY!

First thing's first...

I'm so lucky that I get to spend it in Ottawa, the capital of Canada! I'm actually writing this post on the 30th of June...IN THE PAST~!~! Scheduled this post because I'll probably be dead tired tomorrow...er...I mean today...

Anyway, I'll be writing about the 30th of June. Left Montreal in the morning. Before I left, downloaded the app that my friend recommended to me called "Pudding Cam"! Just search for it in the App store! It's a Korean camera app with tons of cool features, and best of all it's free!

Also just a heads up - this post is quite image heavy!

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