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Packages! + Dead Master

Hello everyone! 

Today I when I came back home from school, I was welcomed with two very pleasant surprises! They were slips from the post office saying that I had to pick up two of my packages!  I didn't really know what they were so I was pretty excited. 

The post lady gave me two boxes – one that was big and another that was relatively small. 

The smaller one was the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream that I ordered! I was very keen on trying BB Cream after hearing other beauty bloggers/vloggers rave on about how amazing it was. This was recommended to me by Chelsi! (Check out her blog~!) I'll do a review on it soon, hopefully this weekend.

I didn't really know what was in the bigger package. When I opened it, I saw...


My Dead Master 1/8 Animation figure! UNF UNF UNF

Dead Master is one of the evil characters in the Black Rock Shooter OVA. I became obsessed with Black Rock Shooter over the summer when Ringo and I started watching it!  (I got especially obsessed with Black Gold Saw, hehe ♥) Anyway, I originally didn't like Dead Master because I thought she was annoying and didn't really like her design. Jean told me to wait because “Dead Master grows on you.” Haha, she couldn't be more right! I started to feel more attached to her character.

This is the first statue that I own, that I've bought myself. I got a Suzumiya Haruhi statue from a friend about 3 years ago as a gift but it's not nearly as epic as DEAD MASTER~ 

Here are some close ups! 

(LOL shut up I realized the skull wasn't on properly until after I took the photo >_>)
Such a blank dead expression ♥

O hi derr. :3


Clothing detail! The ruffles are so nicely made!


I forgot to take a picture of the stand and her giant scythe... So here's a picture off the internet... 

This figma is actually so so so pretty! I'm developing a special attachment to it because it's my first~
I want to collect all of the Black Rock Shooter evil characters. (BGS, DM, STR), but they're all kind of expensive! A friend is ordering the BGS figma for me and will give it to me at Anime North, so I'm super excited for that.

I'm so geeky! 

And I will end with this super artsy photo~

That's it for now, thanks for reading! 
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