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iPhone and photos!

Hi everyone!
On Saturday I went to go pick up my iPhone 3GS! There's actually a funny story behind it.

Starting last Monday, I was emailing people who were selling their iPhone 3GS' on Kijiji, which is a local classifieds listings. This means that when you search for things that you are looking to buy, all of the items listed are in your area. You can meet up with the person you want to buy from and give them cash for whatever it is of theirs you want! I found a good deal (or rather, I think it's a good deal) on a white iPhone 3GS, 16gb! It was $300.  The guy selling it wanted to upgrade to an iPhone 4 so he was selling his practically new iPhone! Just my luck! 

He said there were some scratches, but when I saw it, it looked almost perfect! (just a black mark near the iPhone jack that was sooo small, not even noticeable.)

Anyway, I went to meet up with him outside a Canadian Tire that was nearby. (3 bus stops away.) I told my parents that I was going to the dollar store to pick up some folders/duotangs. (sneaky sneaky~ ) Just before I left, they decided to go on a walk.

I met up with the guy and his girlfriend, who were both really nice, and got my iPhone! Then I took the bus back. Right when I got off the bus, my parents were walking by the bus stop!  They saw me get off and were like 'wtf'. Haha they were kind of against the idea of me getting an iPhone because they thought it would be too distracting and it was too expensive...etc. So when they got back home, they wanted to see my iPhone haha. :P They kind of stole it away from me for a while before I got it back! And when I did, I had a bunch of these weird apps installed.  Silly parents.

I've really been having fun with the photography apps!  My favourite apps are Cameratan (you can read more about it here on Jenny's blog) and ShakeIt! Cameratan allows you to apply different filters onto photos! The ones I used in the first two was the 'Milk' filter! The last one was using the ShakeIt app, which makes your photos look like Polaroids! You have to shake your iPhone/"photo" to let the photo "dry"!  Here are some pictures I took! 

This is the view from my seat in art class. It looks out into our school's courtyard. 

It's still snowy outside! 

A sketch I did for my self portrait in art class. I look nothing like that haha!  It looks too animu. 

What I ate for dinner yesterday~ 

  • Vegetable soup
  • Pork chops
  • Perogies with peanut butter sauce
  • Asparagus



So excited to use these! You have no idea how happy I am!  (I've read so many awesome reviews so I'm really excited to try these out!) I'll make a review on them later when I get the chance to use them! 

That's it for now~ 


MTAC - pictures and video!

Hello lovelies!

To better understand some parts of this post, watch this video! 

Went to MTAC this weekend! (March Toronto Anime Convention.) It wasn't really that great of a con, but I wasn't really expecting much. 

MTAC was held in the same place as DTAC (December Toronto Anime Con), which was where we did our K-On cosplay. The only difference this time was that MTAC was a very last minute decision to attend and Ringo/Jean couldn't attend! So it was just Sami and I. 

There was also another convention, a hunting show of some sort, that was going on. Most of the people attending were macho looking white guys, some dressed in camouflage gear/holding fishing rods, lol. Apparently there was quite a bit of abuse towards the cosplayers, since the two different cons targeted clashing...social groups? I didn't experience it myself, but I heard that some people got into fights. 

Anyway, here's how my day went! 

Woke up at 8:30. Didn't bother putting on makeup since I usually do it at the con. Dad drove me to the subway station. It was my first time taking the subway by myself! I was quite anxious because I didn't want to get lost/forget to get off the train, haha. Took the subway to Dundas station, and met up with Sami in Eatons Centre. We searched for a washroom for maybe 15 minutes, then went and bought food. Then we took the subway to Union Station and took the Skywalk to the convention! 

There was already a good amount of people at the convention when we arrived. We went to get changed! I realized that I brought the wrong wig with me - black instead of blue!  The black one was actually for my BLACK GOLD SAW cosplay haha!  So I wore that instead. Sami wore her casual Flickr cosplay!

At one point, security went around and evacuated this one area where we were sitting for no apparent reason! It was stupid. Then they started checking wristbands, and said to people who didn't have one to either buy one or get out. Sami and I ninja'd into one of the panel rooms where a game of Anime Flash.  After a bit, we came out. Met with Katya, gave her a blonde wig that she wanted to buy. Got bored of the con, decided to leave earlier. 

Here are some random camwhoring pictures!

 D'aww, we're cute!
Sami raged at her wig by now and had taken it off.

Obligatory wig-stache picture.

My favourite picture! I love how we contrast – her in white and me in black! It'll be even more epic when she wears Kirin (from Monster Hunter) and I wear BGS at Anime North! 

Well, I'll end this post here! I'm waiting for Thomas (our DTAC K-On photographer) to upload my derpy facial expression photos! 

Really tired, but need to finish working on my stupid English project. 

Also, before I forget. Would you want to see more vlogs from me? I've just decided to upload my videos onto my main channel since I have the most subscribers there!  I think I'll mostly vlog about trips, outings with friends, and cosplay things! What are your thoughts? :)
Anything that doesn't fit under this category, I'll probably upload to my second channel : longcatplz @ youtube.com 


Disasters in Japan

Found out Friday morning that there was a horrible earthquake in Japan. And then a tsunami afterwards. I was beyond shocked.

My parents don't normally have the news on in the morning unless something incredible has happened. I remember the TV was on when I got back from school on that fateful September 11th, the morning of Tsunami in Sri Lanka, earthquake in Haiti. This has got to be one of the most extreme things I've ever witnessed on the news. I was terrified when I first heard about it because I immediately thought of my good friend and penpal, Masae, who lives in Tokoshima. From what I've heard, that area is safe, and I'm so relieved.

I mean, Japan has had to face an enourmous 8.9 earthquake, a massive tsunami, a close nuclear plant meltdown and now a volcano is has erupted? This is madness.

For any of those living in Japan, or has loved ones there, I hope for their safety.
If you haven't already, please consider donating to the Red Cross, or any other big aid organizations. Japan needs your help. (Somebody rightfully pointed out to me that Red Cross has been known to withhold funds in emergencies - please visit this link to find a more effective charity to donate to)



First Job Experience~ (awesome illustrated post >:D)


Hello everybody!

Recently I've been feeling the urge to blog. (I remember on my FC2, I used to blog maybe 4 or 5 times a week! I seem to have slowed down! /lazy/)

I mentioned in this post that I was going to work for the first time last weekend! I'm going to tell you a bit about my experience!

I applied for the job of merchandiser back in February at a pharmacy/convenience type store called Shoppers. A merchandiser is basically the person that stocks things on the shelves, makes sure all products are in the right place, makes sure pricing of each product is correct, etc. That didn't seem that hard to do. I was worried about heavy lifting but I didn't have to worry about that - there were some teenage boys doing all the grunt work in the back.

Annnyway, there are two parts to this store. There's the old store which is up front, and the new one they opened which is behind it. I was watching as they were building the big new store because I knew they'd be hiring.

Here is an awesome diagram:

So, I arrived at 7:50am for my 8am shift. When I arrived, there were about 3 other people also starting for the first time. We were each given cards in which we swipe through a machine that counts how long we work for. We clocked in and went to the new store.

When we arrived, there were about 10 other people who were already setting up inside. The manager came up and asked us where we did our training, in which we were all like 'wtf, what training?'. Except for one guy who said he had trained at another store, but whatever.He told us to start unloading stuff from boxes and start stacking them on shelves. I grabbed a box and went to the baby section and started to unload things.

They also have these things called Planigrams or something like that, which basically shows a picture of the shelf and where each item is supposed to go. You have to follow that diagram when stocking things. (Because the placement of each product has been carefully thought out.) I started talking to another girl, whose name was Katarina or Karolina or Katagena something, I didn't really catch it.  (Haha orz, I'll just call her Kat for now.) So we kind of decided we were going to get hired together.

The stupid thing about this whole situation is that we're "on trial" for a month. As in, we haven't actually been hired yet. The store apparently took everybody in who applied to help move merchandise over to the new store, since the new store is pretty big. So when I worked on the Saturday, there were probably 20 people there. And Sunday was about 17. Kat told me that apparently they had decided to take in about 100 people who applied, and the're only going to offer 10 positions to people who have had the best performance  (at stocking shelves, lol).  We were both like, YEAH WE'RE GOING TO GET HIRED TOGETHER.

^ Very accurate

I tried stocking everything as neatly as possible and being an awesome employee.  I smiled at everybody even though there was this one lady bitching about how part of the baby section was messed up and how she wanted to die (Please bitch some more, hopefully the manager hears you and I have one less person to compete against for this job. ) Kat and I tried doing pleasant light conversation about the new store and the shitty weather with the manager when he wasn't busy and it was quite nice. AND WE TRIED SHOWING OUR AWESOME TEAMWORK SKILLS. 

Oh, and some of you guys might have seen this, if you're following me on twitter. Basically I got a massive box to stock and it was full of condoms. SERIOUSLY, I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY CONDOMS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I stocked 3 compartments full seriously ahhhhhh so many types. INTIMATE WARMING JELLY, RIBBED CONDOMS, FLAVORS. WHAT THE HELL.

Stocking condoms like a boss. 

Hopefully the manager saw my brave face as I stocked. Hopefully I shall get the job. 
I have to go back to work this weekend again, and the weekend after (which will mean I'll miss MTAC) Unless I can ask for a different shift? I really want to go to MTAC (March Toronto Anime Convention) but my Ami wig isn't here and I have a feeling I won't have time to get together with Nicole/Tam to make our jackets. 


So, what kind of posts do you guys want to see more from me?
Fashion, life, cosplay, etc?
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