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I originally wanted to make this post reflecting on the past year but honestly nothing comes to mind... My current boring life makes me feel like I've spent a year doing nothing. Looking back at the past year, I've done quite a bit.

  • Started blogging seriously on this blog. (I had been blog-hopping on different domains and finally settled down here.) 
  • Heard back from all the universities that I applied to and was accepted to all of them! Chose my current university.
  • Planned and finished my Black Gold Saw cosplay with a full group! Super happy~
  • Became really good friends with Moetron.
  • Got my first part-time job.
  • Started regularly reviewing items for my blog (circle lenses, beauty products etc).
  • Graduated high school with honours.
  • Went to Montreal/Ottawa and saw Prince William/ Princess Kate.
  • Turned 18.
  • Moved into apartment/residence and started university. 
  • Finished a semester of university.
  • Saw LIGHTS in concert.
  • Got a DSLR!

My year hasn't been super exciting. I do have some goals for myself though.

  • Become healthier - stop eating so late at night, get at least 30 mins of exercise a day instead of just lazing around. Improve skin, tone up, lose some weight.
  • Improve my Youtube - Take better quality videos, start working seriously on my channel, aim for at least 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year. Try learning more dance covers, uploading more vlogs, tutorials, reviews etc.
  • Find a summer job - to earn money, save up for third year exchange to the UK. 
  • Stop looking like a homeless person, improve looks in general. Put more effort into style. 
  • Work on photography skills - Set up and upload images to flickr, do photoshoots with Moetron, develop a style.
  • Travel - Canada is boring. Or at least travel somewhere, I don't even care if it's Montreal again. 
  • Market myself better online, for future sponsorship or business opportunities~
  • BE HAPPY~! - I think I had a mild case of depression at the beginning of the school year, I was so stressed and tired and didn't want to meet with anybody, not even my friends. I didn't have an appetite and didn't want to go anywhere... Didn't even have the motivation to work on cosplay. And I felt sad. The weather in my university's city was complete shit, it was just continuously grey and cold shortly after school started. So I'd just like to be a bit happier. 

Hopefully I'll actually be able to follow through with these resolutions...


Christmas + Gets + DSLR

Hey guys and gals!

I promised that I'd update about how I spent Christmas, so here I go! 

My parents woke me up at 8AM, which is really funny because unlike 6-year old Sachie who woke up at 5AM, I probably would've slept until about 4 in the afternoon!  Anyway, my mom + dad + I all unwrapped our presents  and spent time together, it was quite nice. My parents both liked my presents for them! 

I got my mom some bath salts from Bath and Body Works' Aromatherapy line ('Sleep' and 'Stress Relief'). I gifted my dad a...uh...jam set? It sounds weird I know, but it was basically Apple Chutney + English mustard stuff + Black Pepper Oatcakes....British food? It was a set from Crabtree &Evelyn and my dad really liked it. :D

My parents gave me mostly winter clothing, chocolate(Kinder Surprise!) and Lush stuff! OH AND SOCKS! (I love socks lol!) There was also a little bit of spending money! 

We spent most of the day lazing around home because basically everything was closed. I was feeling really drained for some reason so I ended up napping, catching up to the newest episodes of The Office and finishing off the first season of Game of Thrones. Oh my god it is the best series ever, I am so excited for the second season ahh ahh ahhhh! 

My Christmas was pretty quiet this year, but it was nice. How did you spend your Christmas (if you celebrate it?) Or the winter holidays so far?


Went to Pacific Mall the other day. Pacific Mall is this really big Asian mall that sells lots of Korean/Japanese style clothing (super expensive), Japanese cellphones... Lots of things from Asia! Picked up the January 2012 issue of Popteen featuring the KPOP group 'KARA' on the front and back! 

Also bought these fingerless glove/hand warmer things... They're so cute! And so warm!

Picked up Rohto's Lycee eyedrops! I've seen lots of good reviews so I decided to buy a little container for myself.

The sensation after putting the drops in feels different from normal eyedrops. Lycee drops make your eyes feel...minty? Tingly? It's not an unpleasant feeling, I wasn't really expecting it at first! My eyes got a bit watery after putting the drops in, but that stopped after a few seconds.

Went to Ardene yesterday and picked up a new wallet since my old one was falling apart... Actually two, since it was 2 for $15~! 

Fiiiiinally, I got a DSLR! The Canon Rebel T3i to be exact! I'm so so so happy! It arrived today in the mail since I ordered it online. I didn't think I was going to get one but some little miracles happened and now I am an owner of a DSLR! *tears of happiness*

(I'll also be making a new flickr/deviantart, which I will link in future posts.)

So please look forward to some more photoblogs, as well as photoshoots with MOETRONcos  I'm still learning how to use it and fiddling around with the different settings, so I'll be starting the A-Z photo challenge on this blog!  More to come later! 

I'll leave you with a little interview that CosplayInvasion.com did with us at DTAC~

Happy New Year everyone! <3


[REVIEW] GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses

(Scheduled post - this was supposed to go up after exams but I forgot orz---)

Hello darlings! I'm finally done with my exams this semester! I hate how my exams spanned from the 8th until the 20...super dumb!  My last exam was French... All I really got from this week was an excessive amount of cramming and stressing out! (stress acne sob;;;)

Today I'll be bringing you a review of the famous Princess Mimi (AKA Bambi) circle lenses! I got these from the popular circle lens shop Pinky Paradise. 

I was really keen to get a pair of new grey lenses because my old EOS Pure Grey lenses had expired... and they were also only 14.0 mm lenses. (I'm addicted to the larger sizes, as they give a more dolly look! ) I needed a new pair of grey lenses for my Akiyama Mio cosplay for DTAC, and luckily these arrived in time.

I think it took around two weeks to arrive from Malaysia to Canada? Very quick because all of their lenses are instocks, so you don't have to wait a super long time for orders to arrive.  Communication was great and I got very fast replies when I had questions!)

Pinky Paradise also has a super huge range of lenses! They have more than 600 designs!  They also sell lots of popular Asian makeup products such as BB Creams, false eyelashes, and facial masks! They basically have everything you'd need for beauty products!

Hippo lens case is super super cute ahh omg!

As you can see, the black outer ring is probably the most noticeable part of the lenses. Masuwaka Tsubasa, the famous Japanese model is so cute, she looks like a real life doll!  So obviously the lenses that she spokesmodels for make her look as dolly-eyed as possible.

Lenses in the case. Right lens is of the inside, left is of the outside of the lens.

Now for the breakdown! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ
The lenses themselves are 15mm. They have a very blendy grey design! The jagged design on the inner part of the ring draws attention to the pupil!

 These are some pictures of the lenses worn with regular simple makeup. (liquid eyeliner, mascara) They grey look really makes my eyes stand out! And it shows up really well on brown eyes. Theses lenses definitely live up to their hype!   I tried using black eyebrow pencil but it made my eyebrows look kinda gray lol... maybe I should try brown eyebrow mascara or something? D: Let me know if you have any recommendations! I heard that dollywink's is pretty good...?

I think these lenses were perfect for my Mio cosplay! They showed up very nicely in photos and didn't make me look alien! 

If you want to get these lenses, you can enter the code "sachiecosplay" and get these extras!

1. Customers entitle a FREE cute animal lens case PLUS mystery gifts 
         2. The coupon code can be stacked, if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens case plus 3\
              mystery gifts. 
          3. A minimum of 1 lens purchased to activate the code.


Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! ヾ(。・ω・。) Here's how I spent mine!

Christmas Eve- 
My family has this tradition for the past few years were we go to Richtree in Christmas Eve for Toronto! The Richtree that we always go to is located downtown Toronto.

Before going to Richtree we stopped by Eatons Centre which is a huge mall! Each year at The Bay across from Eatons, there are pretty front displays! ヾ(・ω・o)

Pretty picture taken on my camera lol!

They also had some pretty outfits in the window displays! 
 I love the gold dress here sosososo much! I really love metallic clothing/accessories... Like gold/silver/bronze shoes, dresses, hats, accessories! ♥(ノ´∀`)

 Love this jacket, it reminds me of Remi Altava's (from Professor Layton) yellow trenchcoat! 

Anyway after that, we headed to Richtree!

Richtree is basically an open kitchens restaurant. You're given little card type things when you enter! Basically the restaurant has little kitchens serving different types of food – they have areas for sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, seafood, roasted meats, soups/salads/juice bar etc! So you go to each area and choose something from that menu to eat! They make it in front of you and then take/swipe your card. 

Took pics in the washroom~ 

 I actually wanted to wear circle lenses that night but my eyes were red and irritated so I couldn't... I tried to do my makeup with more warmer brown colours to make my eyes pop more though! Although it doesn't really show. ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)

Sweater: borrowed from my mom; white cat shirt from h&m; bag from forever21. *attempt to sound like a fashion blog*  (ノ´д`)


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope you have a safe and happy Christmas! 

This is a picture of the Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree in Eatons Centre, downtown Toronto! It's very glittery~ There were also giant reindeer that were entwined with lights! Very pretty. 

I'll post about my Christmas + Eve later!
Everyone, have a happy holidays! 



Our K-On Maid cosplay group! (+ Maid version Kakashi, who was one of Sami's friends. She's not part of Moetron though~ )

The Failure that was DTAC.

Hi everyone! A little scheduled post for you (so I'm technically writing this in the past! Ooooh~!~!~!)

Just a quick blog update between study sessions. Got my final exams coming up, hopefully I pass all of them!

Went to DTAC on December the 11th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. All of my opinions on the convention are entirely my own, based on my previous first hand experiences.

DTAC (December Toronto Anime Convention, a small event run by Hobbystar Marketing) was absolutely shit. 

I've attended a good amount of Hobbystar events as a cosplayer (events like Fan Expo, MTAC, and DTAC.) They've had their issues which were mainly small things that I brushed off and didn't really care too much about. Fan Expo 2010 was pretty horrible because of the giant lines/overcrowding/insufficient space for attendees, but I didn't really care because I was able to get inside (they stopped letting people in half way through the day due to overcrowding so many people couldn't even get into the convention, despite having bought tickets.)


[REVIEW] Kimchi Yellow/Gold Circle Lenses

Today has been quite a good day! Σ(・ω・`|||)

Finished my first exam (multimedia). I originally thought it was 100 multiple choice questions but it turns out it was only 60 questions! We had 2 hours to finish the exam but I finished in 45 minutes... Stayed another 30 mins to check everything over (by this time, most of the people had left already lol)

Checked the academic website for my school where all out grades are, and turns out I got an A+ on the website I did for my final multimedia project! (⊙▽⊙) To top that off, a packaged arrived from a friend - he gave me his Beats earbuds that he didn't use!  One thing to cross off my Christmas wishlist yay!

Also picked up some Christmassy props for DTAC this weekend "ヽ(´▽`)ノ" My maid K-On cos group, so excited!
(giant candy cane~)

Anyway, enough of that! Time for a lenses review! 

Today, I'll be reviewing Kimchi - Maki Yellow lenses! These lenses are from Uniqso.

I wanted to say that Uniqso's customer service is amazing! They always respond quickly to my emails. The lenses arrived bubble wrapped in a small box. They even added a card, very sweet! The package was shipped in a padded envelope and took about 2.5 weeks to arrive from Malaysia to Canada. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Here is the stock photo from the website... I could take a proper picture because the lens case that came with the lenses was hot pink, so you couldn't really see the colour that well in the case. (。・д・)ノ゙

Kimchi - Maki Yellow

I've always wanted to try out some crazy gold/yellow lenses!  These looked promising. What really drew me in was the starburst design in the middle - most lenses just have a circular opening for your pupil to look out through, but the Maki lenses have a star design!

They are 16.2mm, which ensure you'll have big dolly eyes! \(⊙ω⊙)/ I think this is the largest pair of lenses I own! I think that they're actually prob more of a 15mm size though, but whatever. The enlargement is great! It's from the brand 'Kimchi' which I've never heard of before, but they have quite a big range of unique lens designs! 

(Sorry for the blurry pictures - my camera committed suicide the other day so I had to use my old pink one.)

They don't look as bright in natural light. The black limbal ring really makes your eyes pop! I actually felt really badass with these in + smoky eyes... The colour of the lenses is a medium pale yellow + a darker, more orange-brown yellow. They also feature latte-like designs, except they are dark brown and are very noticeable. (。・ω・)ノ゙

In direct light, the yellow/gold colour really is noticeable! So is the starburst design, which I think is really cool! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

With bright light + flash, the yellow is really noticeable. These would be perfect for a cosplay of a character who has yellow eyes! The black outer ring defines the eyes, but the designs on the lens still make it look ...relatively... natural.

I think it works quite well with dark eye makeup or smoky eyes~

I actually really like these lenses! They're so striking and unique! Definitely cosplay lens though, I'd never wear this out in public haha.  

As for the lens size, it took a bit of getting used to to wearing a size that big. Just make sure you have eyedrops handy! 

You can get these lenses from Uniqso! These lenses are currently on sale for $19.90USD~ Check them out! 

Really excited for DTAC this sunday!  

P.S. Somebody asked me before if I photoshop my eyes bigger... I never do haha, it's all the ~magic~ of circle lenses! 
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