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So I'm watching the Black Rock Shooter OVA now and I'm completely obsessed with it. IT LOOKS SO GOOD! And the character design, omg.

I'm planning on ordering these two figurines: Black Rock Shooter and Black Gold Saw!

They're both so hot ;;; I so want them!

Also, I'm planning on cosplaying Black Gold Saw to Anime North this year. Her design is more appealing to me than Anwar - besides, both of them have huge swords so I was going to have to make one anyway. :3

I hope a BRS anime comes out! :D


Chinese food *__*

I love it.

Pictures of our meal at grandma's birthday last week. My favourite was the crap *crab LOL best typo ever, and shanghai noodles! <33

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New blog layout!

Yay! Finally got around to updating my old blog layout! I like this one alot!

I used quite a few images from heartofseoul.tumblr.com
After discovering this website, I'm totally in love! I can't express in words at how much I'm in love with Korean and japanese fashion! I really love korean fashion at the moment because it's so fresh, clean, and pure! How I wish I could pull off these looks! Maybe I'll try harder to look better at school this year.

I don't think that I could be this adorable though!

I've also been looking at asian clothing stores such as yesstyle and asiajam! As well as W♥C of course!
I'm applying for a job tomorrow at a local community centre! They're hiring for the snack bar. It can't be that bad of a job, besides community centres always hire lots of students! And it's a snack bar. So it can't be that bad...
It pays $10.25 an hour! So I can work a day and I'll have enough to buy myself a W♥C backpack! And cosplay materials and stuff! AND MY MACBOOK OF COURSE!

So exciting!

This will be my first job so I really hope I get considered! I'm also going to apply to ECCO in Square One, but I'll probably have less of a chance being hired there. Eh, no hurt in applying there. I mean, Jennie got hired at Mexx for her first job! (Ahh SO LUCKY!)

Anyway, I'm going to finish writing my cover letter now! Let's hope that I get the job!
Then I can get more cosplays to dance in!


I love her so much! She's so pretty! ♥ (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆


She is fron Shanghai! And she speaks shanghainese!
Waa I love her so much! I want to look like her! I want to speak to her! *___* <3
IT IS MY GOAL TO BE LIKE HER~!! She's a model and an idol! Waa <333
Please support me so I can one day be like her! ♥____♥

Ahh, my ultimate wish! ( >▽<)☆



Hello everyone! :3

I really love japanese fashion!
I'd love to buy some things from W♥C (WAKATSUKI CHINATSU)

I think that the style is super cute! But it's really expensive!

I love everything! I'd especially like to buy the backpack!
It's really cute! The design is very adorable in my opinion!
But I don't know how I'd be able to buy one from Japan! It's expensive for shipping!
Plus I don't have that much money because I'm saving for a Macbook Pro! I want one for when I go to university! But I also want that backpack! Somebody please buy it for me! ;3;

I also want these clothes from W♥C~

I'm also really excited to go to Pacific Mall soon! My mom says we're going next week!
They have lots of asian cosmetic stores that sell Japanese cosmetics! Like Dolly wink and Palty hair dye! (I was thinking of getting some Palty! Haha, because Tsubasa was on the front! )
But I don't think my hair would look very good if it was dyed a lighter colour! P:

I do want to get some Dolly Wink eyeliner if I can find some! I heard Dolly Wink is really good!! I don't need any more false eyelashes because I already bought a load of the internet! I want to try finding some bison bath salts! The ones that make you sweat alot!
Ahh, I need to get a job soon and buy all of these things!
I'm going to apply at a shoe store! I need to make a resume now since my other one was on my old USB which my comtec teacher still has... D:<


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