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chamaro photo spam

She's perfect. So beautiful. SHE HAS THE PERFECT FACE.
AHHH <33


Cosplay picnic photos!

Here are some of the photos that were taken at the cosplay picnic!
As I mentioned before, I cosplayed Busujima Saeko from Highschool Of The Dead!

Louis took this picture of me and I think it's my favourite! :D My face doesn't look all too round and my facial expression is mysterious. ;D

I think I was watching Nikki and Jeff do their photos... My facial expression is all like
"I'm not amused ;I" I also think I don't look all that tall! XD

Photobombing Nikki! Trololo, Jeff and I made silly faces. Nikki's face is so bloody haha!

Kami/Medusa is om nomming on Jeff/Takashi's hand! XD

(=n=) face

It was getting chilly so we decided to stop for a bit and eat. :D

Circle of cosplayers! :D Also love Kami's nomnom face. XD

It was a really fun time! :D Can't wait till the next one on Oct 16!! :3



My lovely cat Pingy died 2 days ago.
She was 18 years old, which is AMAZING for a cat.
She had to be put down because her kidneys were failing.
(She wasn't in pain, but was getting very weak and very thin)

I miss her. D:
It doesn't feel like she's gone yet.
I still feel like my dad left her at the vet's office for an overnight appointment and we're going to
pick her up later.
But I'd rather she went peacefully in sleep than painfully.
I miss her. so much >:

There's a little ghost kitty walking around my house now, sleeping on my bed and sitting on my chair.

I have lots of pictures of her on my phone but I can't take any of the pictures off.
It says I have to reformat the memory chip before I can use it again and that means it'll clean off all off my pictures of her, so I'm going to Walmart to have them made into photos before I reformat. D:

Mom and Dad are looking to buy a new kitty soon. Siamese kitten!
My mom is very sad and lonely and wants to have a cat to keep her company. She wants to name it Happy or Nina. (I don't want to name my cat those names >___>)
I want to name it Ling Ling because it sounds like Ping. :D
We are looking for a breeder soon. I will take pictures with my LingLing ♥
I still love Pingy the most though ♥

RIP PingyWingy♥♥♥


Fan Expo - Sunday/Day 3

Wow, sorry for updating so late guys! D:

This is what happened on the Sunday of Fan Expo! (/what happened last weekend)

Got up at about 7:30, got dressed in my Mio outfit (minus the wig) and put my makeup on. I chose to wear Mio again because it's casual, easy to move in, and people who see me would think I'm a girl going to a private school instead of somebody who likes to dress up like anime characters. Plus it's not as weird of having to explain why I'm dressed like that when I see my friends or classmates at the train station. XD

Met up with Sami, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend on the train! We talked as we took the train up to the station near the convention hall. When we got off, we walked to the hotel where Jean (Yui cosplayer) was staying and went to the washroom where we put on dem wigs! (Sami wore a really cute white one, she didn't cosplay though. She just wore a cute outfit :3) We walked back outside and got in line to get into the convention! The line wrapped all the way around the block! Sobsob! It was so long, and was torture for me because dark uniform + long black Mio wig = dying of heat. Sami's boyfriend and his friend went to wait in line to buy their tickets. (The ticket buying line was so much shorter than re-entry!)

We went inside, walked around the dealers room for a bit. After that, we met up with her boyfriend and friend again! Since it was his friend's first con, Sami decided that we should do some events. We went to Anime Name That Tune!

As soon as we got in, I got a call from Mika that went "COME HERE RIGHT NOW I NEED TO MEET UP WITH YOU WHERE ARE YOU OMG MEET ME BY THE ESCALATORS" so I had to leave Sami &co. Dx
Mika was ditched my by her boyfriend who met up with my friends, and naturally used me as her backup friend! :P

We walked around the dealers room for a little bit where we met up with her brother Reese and her boyfriend Nathan. Mika got me a really cute Rilakkuma planner/stationery thing, while Reese and Nathan got me 4 cans of coke. (It was a joke because my food supply for the weekend pretty much consisted of cans of coke. :P)

After that, they left because they wanted to go get somebody's autographs therefore ditching me AGAIN D:

Guy called me and met up with me again! Ahh it was so nice of him because I think I dragged him away from his friends >: So we went up in dealers, looked around for a bit! I bought these really nice artsy postcards/prints! Guy was leaving later on and his phone was running out of batteries so we walked to his car and got his charger. We walked to the lobby of the hotel and sat there in the really nice chairs/couch for a bit while he waited for his phone to charge! It was really nice having a real conversation with him because I don't get to talk to him often, face-to-face.

Ackson and a bunch of other people joined us and sat there talking. Guy was talking to some of his friends, Ackson was talking to one of his photographer friends, I was alone and felt really awkward so I got up and left. XD Nobody seemed to notice me as I left because a few minutes later I got a text from Guy going "Where did you go?". Met up with Mika/Reese/Nathan for a little bit afterwards where they bought me some fries. :3 They wanted to go take some photos of Mika in her maid cosplay so they left. Met up with Sami&friends afterwards, left the convention early because it was getting boring.

All in all, it was an okay convention. Not sure if I'll go next year. (I probably will, but I'll just hang in the back by the CNTower to cosplay/do photoshoots or something.)
Fan Expo was a really unorganized convention this year. I can't really complain that much though because I got in for free. :D

Here are some more photos!

Jeff and Nikki! AH THEY'RE SO CUTE! Both cosplaying from K-On's "Don't Say Lazy" - Jeff as Male ver. Yui and Nikki as Mio! THEY MADE ME A CARD TOO! But I didn't see them on Sunday so I didn't get it! ): They mailed it to me though, still waiting for it to arrive! ~<3

Fushi and her friend as Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter! OH GOD THAT GUN! <33>

More Hiiragi cosplay from the Saturday~

Jean and I cosplaying Yui and Mio! Our picture was taken for Super Kawaii Magazine! :D She looks so moe in this, omg <333>

YEAH .HACK COSPLAY! :DDD Finally found some .hackers! Emily cosplaying an amazing Haseo (Xth form)! Ahh so badass! And lovely Sarah cosplaying Shino (wedding dress version)! Too bad we couldn't find the Zelkova or Endrance - I saw them in the con but never got a chance to take a pic with them! >: NEXT TIME!! :D

That's it for now~ If I can find the picture of the design tattoo that Jean painted on my back for my Hiiragi cosplay, I'll post it!

I might not be able to most as much because of school work, but I'll try! (Since I love blogging so much :3) I'll try blogging in comtec class!

Also, here's a sneak peek at my newest cosplay! Saeko from HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD!
We have a cosplay group for the Toronto Zombie Walk - it's like a parade where everybody dresses up like Zombies! Hopefully I'll be able to get some good pictures with my group! I'll ask Ackson if he can shoot some photos for us. :3
Bloody Saeko is bloody~ I look really tired and have huge eyebags, but I think you would look that way too if you were living in a zombie infested city! :P

See you~


FAN EXPO (Saturday)

O hey guys! Time for FAN EXPO CON REPORT - SATURDAY!
(Before I continue though, I found a picture of my Mio cosplay from what I wore on Friday! :D)

This dude came and took so many pictures of me - hopefully I can find them! :D
And hooray for doing the same pose all weekend! /shot - I wasn't even doing the moe moe kyun pose, just kind of reverted back to this one! ;-; I WILL MOE MOE KYUN WHEN I GET A MAID COS. :D

Saturday morning - I woke up at about 7am but Chelsea was still fast asleep so I decided to let her rest for a bit. (I think Friday was a bit emotionally draining for her with the con being so crowded and all!) I have no idea why but I decided to play RuneScape for an hour. Honestly haven't played that game in so long, and was surprised to find that I was like level 60 something. (I have very high fire-making and cooking levels, ohohoh /shot repeatedly)

When she woke up, we ironed out our cosplays one more time and then went upstairs to put on our makeups and gather our things. I had to stuff an extra pair of shoes into Chelsea's bag just in case my Hiiragi shoes started hurting. I also brought a light jacket because I found it to be kind of chilly outside. (Hiiragi practically has no top.)

My dad went and ranted for like half an hour, telling me not to go on public transit because I was going to be raped or something. Which was fine because I doubt I would een have the courage to get on public transit dressed as Hiiragi, LOL! He drove us there and dropped us off outside the convention centre!

OMG THE LINES. The lines were freaking ridiculous! Holy crap. I'm not even joking- the lines wrapped around the entire block! And those were the lines for re-entry! (Re-entry means you already have your pass so you want to re-enter the convention hall) Oh god. It was horrible. Chelsea decided to wait in line to save me a spot while I went and had my .hack symbol tattoo thing painted on my back by Jean. (All .hack characters have strange tattoos or symbols on different parts of their body - Hiiragi has these awesome designs on his back! I'll see if I can find a picture of my back~!)

When I came out, people had already started going inside the building and the line had shortened quite a bit. I'm not sure how, but I got through the VIP entrance which meant I didn't have to wait in line.

Chelsea and I met up for a bit - she wanted to explore the dealers room some more so I stayed downstairs and watched her stuff. I lounged around there, met some of my cosplay friends, took some pictures. Guy (:iconthornrose: on deviantart) came over to my spot and gave me the Black Rock Shooter poster he bought me at Otakuthon. HOTTEST POSTER EVER, nuff said. (I think it was drawn by Nayuki-chan on deviantart?) He was really nice, so much taller than I thought he was. D: I wanted to see his Lelouche cosplay so I told him to go change.

After Chelsea came downstairs, I bought her some food/drinks because she didn't have any money left. She said that she felt really tired and didn't really want to stay for that long. :C I honestly really didn't want to leave the convention that early, especially on the Saturday. So we sat down for a bit by the glass windows. There were large groups of people outside that were lined up because apparently the convention oversold tickets and they weren't allowing any more people inside because of maximum capacity! o___o!! That's when we saw Guy again, this time dressed in his beautiful Rerouche cospray. And then Dario came over to the glass. We couldn't really talk because there was a glass separating us, so we started typing things onto our cells and holding them up to the glass so the other person could read what we were trying to say.

Then apparently Matt Chin from the Conventioneers came over to us and started talking to us about how insane the lines were. (He was on the inside and the camera man was on the outside). I had no idea who he was - I thought he was just some random asian guy talking to us for his webshow or something... But yeah, at least he didn't start insulting us like apparently he does to other cosplayers. :3

Chelsea was really tired and cranky at this point, so I lent her another $5 so she could take the GO train back. She was also kind of pissed off for some reason and made me carry my extra crap instead of being a good friend and taking it back to my house. (She had to go pick up her things from when she slept over.) I had so many things to carry around. ;-; I was pretty much ditched the a second time that weekend, so I texted Guy to come save me sob;; I went outside and we met up with Lauren and then went behind the convention centre to where my other con friends were waiting. (Nicole, Dario, Nikki, Jeff, etc).

We sat there for a few hours and I thin Guy left, so Nikki, Jeff and I then went off to the side entrance where we sat again for about an hour and talked. It was getting late and I didn't want to take the GO back by myself when it was really late so I left.

Then omg, scariest thing happened. This guy who met me at Anime North 2010 who started messaging me that he "liked" me, spotted me walking through the convention centre and like, confronted me. D: He was all like " Seriously WTF, you've been ignoring me all weekend. You've been ignoring my messages and like, you're being a total bitch. I come all the way from Thunderbay and you don't even give a damn about meeting me?" etc etc, all these other mean things. I got really freaked out and got really anxious - being in crowded spaces with no real place to escape to made me start to panic. LUCKILY Mika's brother Rhys was there and spotted me and ~CAME TO THE RESCUE~

Thank god, I think I would have started crying. ;-;

Anyway, Saturday wasn't that great. Only went up in the Dealers like, once, and it was so crowded. D: Saw a Moe Moe Kyun mio figure but it was $170 fffffffff D:

Anyway, here are some pictures! :D

Picture of my Hiiragi cosplay! One of the few pictures I've found sob;;;

Two pictures from when we were hanging out at the side - Jeff is the Simon beside me. :D
I tried talking to Bianca and Wil but we kept on getting bombed for photos! Bianca is the sexy Gundam Girl the left, Wil is the Traditional outfit Kaito on the right. :D

Screenshot from Ackson's FAN EXPO 2010 VIDEO! :D I'm at 1:06
Here's the video!

Memorable cosplays!

Ackson's Lelouche (school uniform). How is this photo (bomb) not memorable? P:
Wil and Eric's MAGNET GROUP. Omg so beautiful +100 ♥ for the glowing LED headphones!

Bianca's GUNDAM GIRL cosplay. HOLY CRAP THE MOST AMAZING THING EVERRRR. Can you believe that almost the entire armor part is made out of craft foam? AMAZING omg ♥

Miranda's AndrAIa fronm Reboot cosplay! Oh god, she looks amazing! Perfect! :D

Guy's Lulu cosplay. Ahhh pretty Lulu is pretty. And the eye omg ♥

I'll update with more stuff about Sunday later! :D


FAN EXPO (friday)

I'll write about Saturday and Sunday later when I get more pictures!
Didn't take that many pictures this year, no video. Either had too much stuff to carry around since we didn't get a hotel room or I couldn't because it was WAY TOO CROWDED.
Honestly, this year Fan Expo should have been called 'Fail Expo'. Or Linecon. It was pretty bad. >:
But I shouldn't be complaining too much because I got in for free. (Volunteered last weekend.)

Chelsea arrived at my place on Thursday and we worked on finishing our costumes. We marathonned 6 episodes of 'High School Of The Dead' - which is a pretty good animu, I must say. :D

We finished painting her bomb for her Link cosplay (we added the word 'Photo' onto it so it was a 'photobomb' - GET IT? :D) And finished painting her sword. We ironed everything and set everything so it would be ready for Friday. I, being the loser that I am, decided it would be cool if we put a sparkler in the fuse part of the bomb so it would look like it was really lit. Except I pushed the sparkler too far down so it melted some of the rope. (which was made out of a plastic hula skirt we bought from the dollar store orz)

= melting plastic /sob;

On Friday, we woke up at about 10 and went to buy chinese buns and chips to snack on. We bussed to the subway station (the ticket collector thing wasn't working so we got on the bus for free!) We took the subway up to Ossington station where we were forced off the subway because of a 'smoke detection' at Spadina station. We found these other 3 guys about our age who were also going to the convention and we hung out with them. One of them said their mom could drive us. ABOUT 2 HOURS HIS MOM DID NOT ARRIVE so we decided to ditch and go to the subway and just go and pick up our tickets. They tagged along, but Chelsea and I kept giving him angryfaces because he wasted 2 hours of our life >___>. Lesson: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH FAILURES. D:<

When we arrived, there was a huuuuge line waiting to get into the building. We went into the hotel to pick up our passes and got in ahead of everybody else! We sat there for a bit, Chelsea photobombed people, lurked the dealers room a bit and met up with some people. Also met up with Ackson, who decided to be a jerk towards me like usual. :P He had his awesome steadicam and everything! He was shooting footage for his new Fan Expo video! (I'll post a link when it's up~) Friday was really quiet so we went home.
Oh, I was also cosplaying Akiyama Mio. (school outfit version) :3

Chelsea was really motivated because this was her first big convention. I was finishing up Hiiragi and getting everything ironed and finished painting our fans. This is what the downstairs bedroom looked like! So messy, sobsob;;;

I was werkin on dem cosplays and Chelsea was really tired. This was taken at like, midnight.

Supplies everywhere! I was making my last minute gloves, yarrr. Hooray for last minute hotglued gloves!

So messy! XD

Also, here's the first picture I found of our Saturday cosplay! XD
I looked really bad. ORZ I'm not very photogenic ;-;


More cosplay progress!

Yus, put on my full costume.

Not finished yet, will hopefully be fully completed by Wednesday!


Cosplay progress!

YUS ANOTHER PROGRESS POST - with better pictures! :D

Finished my skirt and the outside cover part - just need to stick on the diamond designs! :3
Also finished the top and wig. The last things to do are finish gluing my fan stuff and make gloves.

Anyway, onto the pictures.

Wig - front. Not really styled right now - just need to add in some more wefts and paint a front part red.

Back of wig - long wig is long. Hiiragi's hair is supposed to be shorter but I just can't bring myself to cut it! ;w; It's so nice and pretty! D:

Back of skirt - with the back cover. Still need to glue on diamond design.

Front closeup! :D It doesn't normally puff off to the side, idk why it did now. D:

Skirt - full view! :D

I'll have full pics of my entire cosplay tomorrow.
I think I'll end up going as the 'female' version of Hiiragi. Which shouldn't really matter because 1) he is a minor character who pretty much nobody knows about, and 2) he's practically a girl anyway. P:

I think it's still pretty good for my first sewn costume! :'D

Also, I'll be going to Fan Expo on the Friday as well. Chelsea and I figured it would be easier to go on Friday to pick up our passes so we wouldn't have to wait in that huge line to get them on Friday.

That reminds me, I had to volunteer for 8 hours with Sami to get those free passes! It was fun but kind of tiring...
We got lots of photos taken with us, probably from tourists! (These adorable japanese people came up to Sami because she was dressed as Hatsune Miku and were like "AHH KOSUPUREI KOSUPUREI SUGOIII" XD So cute!

We were at Yonge/Dundas, near Nathan Philips Square. Here are some photos:

A street performer dressed as Charlie Chaplin - we paid him $0.10 to get a picture with him but as soon as we went to pose, like, everybody whipped out their cameras to take pictures. We're so nerdy. XD
OMG THERE WAS A DIAGONAL CROSSING. We were such tourists, we took a picture when there were like 10 seconds left to cross. = cool people.

Most people were nice, others tried to convert us to become a catholic, others were like wtf fetish. :P

Oh well, I'll update later D:
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